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About the Abbey Group
Head quartered in the heart of historic Dublin, the Abbey Group is one of Ireland’s longest
established and best known Incoming Tours operators. The Group was founded in 1978
when Abbey Ireland was launched. Today the group has expanded its services in Edinburgh
and London. With over 140 permanent staff and with overseas representatives in ten key
markets, we are recognised as the market leader within our sector. The Group has four
divisions specialising in specific types of inbound tourism

Group Tours
Individual & Online Travel
Incentive & Luxury leisure travel
Association Conferences & Events

Number of employees
Total for the group -140
(The trainee will be based in our Dublin office which contains about 90 employees.)
The intern would assist with some or all of the following duties:
 Placement of all Group accommodation according to buy rates or cheaper
 Manage and utilise Group allocations and regularly reporting to Reservations Manager
 Ensure that all terms and conditions in hotel contracts are in line with those of Abbey
Ireland client contracts and advise Business Development teams in Dublin of any
 Negotiate secondary hotel product requirements as dedicated
 Management and processing cancellations / amendments / overbookings / waitlists
Any other duties as assigned from time to time by your Manager or Director (and this could be
in another Department within Abbey Ireland).
You will report to the Accommodation Manager.

Skills needed/requirements
 Fluency in English language
 Good basic key board skills and proficiency in Microsoft office
 Good communication and organizational skills
 Requirements- students must be affiliated with college/Educational institution
/Erasmus/Leonardo Da Vinci etc. or this internship is part of their studies.

Skills to be acquired

Reality of our business and exposure to the Tourism Industry in Europe

Understanding our key markets and clients, how we develop and operate our business,
our marketing strategy

Exposed to the tourist attractions/products we offer to clients/trends

Communication skills and team work skills

Organisational skills, leadership skills, ability to work on own initiative, learning our tour
operating system and develop their IT skills.

Improve English language both written and oral

Duration of the internship
minimum 4 months
Office languages
Financial support
€ 300 per month
Office hours
Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:30pm.

Please send your full application to

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