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A day without new technologies according to Lola
I think that a day without new technologies would have positive and negative
First, it would be boring. Instead of using my computer or my phone, I would
read and draw all the time, which could be repetitive. Also, if I could not use new
technologies, I couldn't contact my friends or my family.
For example, my brother lives in Russia. Instead of contacting him or sending
him messages, I would have to send him letters ! Then, I think that a day without
new technologies, in 2017, would be very dangerous and would have very
serious consequences. There are a lot of vital things that rely on new
technologies, like medecine.
But like I said, there are positive points. If i couldn't use new technologies, I think
I would go outside more often, and instead of playing games, I would do my
homework faster ! There would be more human contact.

A phone is a useful tool but..

By spending to much time on their phone,
people forget to socialize..

A day without technology would help us
interract again !

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