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Alban Richard
646 rue Saint-Fuscien 18 clos des chataigniers
80090 Amiens
+ 33 6 03 34 54 64
Object: Application for a position of M&A Analyst at Sevenstones
November, 10th 2017
Dear Sir or Madam,
Currently at my graduation year at EMLYON Business School, I would like to join
Sevenstones as M&A analyst. Your firm appears today as a dynamic private bank
and is committed to providing their clients with advanced customer satisfaction
and one-on-one partnership. Working at the firm would then give me the
opportunity to work in a challenging business environment alongside top-level
investment banking professionals. I believe my academic background, business
knowledge and industry experiences have provided me with the credentials
needed to thrive as M&A analyst.
As a private equity analyst at Industries & Finances Partenaires, I created
dynamic LBO financial models with various financing scenarios and valuation
methods in order to assess the new investment opportunities. Addressing such
complex financial issues has allowed me to strengthen my financial and technical
As a strategy consultant at HTS Consulting, I contributed to expand the offer of a
real estate company by analyzing best practices from competitors and by
formulating recommendations. Thanks to the requirements of this position, I
have been able to build several qualities such as rigor, analytical capability and
the ability to work under pressure and with urgent deadlines.
Those experiences have led me to contact you today in order to have the chance
to work at Sevenstones. Impressed by your track record of transactions such as
Emeraude International or Publicorp, I look forward to joining and contributing
to your firm.
I thank you for your consideration and remain at your disposal to provide any
additional information.
Alban Richard

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