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Updated till November 16, 2017
To: any person, journalist, investigator, IT or security experts involved in the analysis of terrorist events in Europe
and in the USA.
I'm in a counter-terrorism situation for almost 10 years. This terrorist organization knows me, and they
warned me (evidence) 20 times of an imminent terror attack including Manhattan, Las Vegas, Manchester,
Marseilles, Barcelona, Texas... or the last massive cyber attack, on Comcast company in the USA on
November 2017... It's an image, but their warnings are like miscalls, and I know the phone number, which
belongs to this terrorist organization.
My story gives definitively a name to this terrorist organization. I can prove everything I will tell you here.
This terrorist organization is not Islamist at all but they use unlimited Intelligence means and they play a
chess game until our checkmate.
I'm in danger to do what I do, but I cannot bear those deaths anymore, for such false cause, so I decided to
tell what I know and to give evidence I have. (5300 words = 20 minutes of reading)
I'm Belgian, 55 years old, IT man, in the middle of a very complicated story. I'm maybe a whistleblower, however, I
cannot hide since this story is unique and if it becomes public, they will know it's coming from me.


1. May 22, Manchester, bombing, a terrorist trained in Belgium, warned 4h before, I'm warned at the very
minute when Donald Trump is welcomed in Israel.
2. June 03, London, ram-car and stabbing, terrorist used fake explosive belts (signature), I'm warned 2
hours before.
3. June 08, ISIS threat against 8 countries, I'm warned at the same time.
4. July 13, ISIS claims 2 failed attacks Paris and Brussels, I'm warned at the same time.
5. July 21, Halamish in Israel, stabbing by Palestinian, I'm warned 1h20 before (The Palestinian warned
his mosque 2h before).
6. July 28, Hambourg, in Germany, stabbing by Palestinian, I'm warned 1h before.
7. August 9, Paris, Levallois-Perret, ram-car, I'm warned on the same day.
8. August 16-18, Spain, ram-car, and stabbing. I'm warned 4h before the first explosion. The terrorists
used again fake explosive belts (signature) and the van must be filled with explosive. I told it to some
authorities before, it happened. The Imam who trained and radicalized the terrorists had a second life in
Belgium, near the HQ of this terrorist organization. The leader of this organization, was around Paris from
August 6 to August 16, so when the attack on Levallois-Perret occurred and when the terrorist of Spain
went to Paris.
9. August 25, Brussels and London, two failed stabbing attacks against police officers. I got a special
communication between the leader of this organization and me.
10.September 15, London, failed/fire bomb in the underground, warned at the same time. (Same kind of
bomb than in Brussels station and claimed on July 13)
11. September 30, Edmonton, Canada, stabbing against a police officer and ram-car. ISIS flag in the trunk
(signature). Warned at the exact time of the attack on Sept 21.
12.October 1st, Bale, Switzerland, stabbing against a man, Warned at the exact time of the attack, on
Sept 22.
13.October 1st, Marseille, France, stabbing against 2 young women, Warned at the exact time of the
attack, on Sept 21. The terrorist has no link with ISIS, but ISIS claims the attack (signature).
14.October 1st, Las Vegas, massive shooting, Warned 3 times at the exact time of the attack on Sept 21
& 22. The terrorist has no link with ISIS, but ISIS claims the attack (signature).
15.October 16, London, stabbing against 3 young women, Warned at the exact time of the attack.
16.October 31, Manhattan, ram-car. Warned 2 times at the exact time of the attack in US time and in GMT
time. Flag in the trunk (Signature). Fake weapons (big signature) to make him killed. No evidence with ISIS
except the letter of the terrorist. (Signature)
17.November 1st, London, ram-car, warned at the exact time of the attack. No evidence of a link with ISIS.
18.November 3, ISIS claims the Manhattan attack, at the exact time of the ISIS claim. Same shape of
warning and same IP's as the warning of the attacks
19.November 5, there are 2 attacks matching with one warning. A) 30 minutes before a terror attack in
Yemen claimed by ISIS (8 deaths) B) some hours before the shooting in Texas in a church.
20.November 6, there is a big matching in time and in shape, between the warning and the
cyberterrorist attack on Comcast company.
21.November 10, ram-car against Chinese students in Blagnac (France). The warning matches on the
very minute when the police got the first call about the attack
22.November 13, I got a warning at the very minute when the attacks in Paris occurred 2 years ago ( the
first car of terrorists is gone to the attack places. 130 deaths). It's a commemoration/claim.
23.November 14, warning at the very minute when the killer began his lethal trip to Tehama in
California (shooting and rampage)
24.Novembre 16, very huge warning, matching to the day with the warning of the attack in Spain,
exactly 3 months before, and using the same IP address beginning at the same minute.


In 2008, a high ranking Belgian police officer forced me to work for European organized crime. I recorded them
on MP3. The French authorities asked me to remain in this organization as an undercover informant, and it was
during this time I discovered this policeman’s strong terrorist ideals. His spouse was/still is Salafist radical proterrorist. She was/is still working also in the Belgian police where she manages a very sensitive department where
she is allowed to visit all sensitive places in Brussels to check the security. The high police officer found this job for
her, and I suspect that there was a terrorist purpose to this. Before, she was managing a girl's bar (prostitution). So
she radicalized herself very quickly while the high police officer is not Muslim at all. When I was working for
organized crime, in his home, in Brussels, they asked me to confirm that the best day of the Muslim world was
09/11. However, he is not Muslim at all.
In 2010, I am contacted by Mossad because I am a problem for them. I'm in the middle of their battlefield. They
were tracking the high police officer for a very long time. So, the Israeli Secret Service, Mossad, removes me from
this situation, bringing me back to Belgium where they put me in a safe-house for protection, a former bank just
bought for this occasion. The high ranking officer tries to silence me.
In 2011, Mossad explains the reasons for their protection, and I record them on
MP3 (3 MP3 between 2011 and 2013 by 3 different people). They have been tracking
this policeman since the 1990s, regarding terrorist intelligence and especially for
certain terrorist acts on 9th September 2001. Indeed, Mossad is 100% sure that the
high police officer was very close to the terrorist Nizar Trabelsi and provided to him the
true fake passports used by the murderers of Commandant Massoud, on September
09, 2001. Nizar Trabelsi was very close to Oussama Ben Laden, and it seems that
this one asked to Nizar Trabelsi to kill the Commandant Massoud. Mossad is also
almost sure that the high police officer and Nizar Trabelsi organized this assassination
together. Mossad is also 100% sure that the specialization of the high police officer
is Terrorist Intelligence and the trafficking of the true fake passports. They also say
that he is very very powerful.
In 2012, the leader of this protection team from Mossad brutally dies (very suspicious death), his computer is
immediately stolen, and my wife disappears some weeks after. I get blackmail from the high police officer if I want
to look for her.
In 2013, the high police officer is in “holiday” on the Syrian border and I try to file a complaint against him, for
terrorist acts, using the MP3's of the Mossad agents. The Belgian counter-terrorism police deny the presence of
Mossad in this case and any terrorist intelligence. The Belgian secret services confirm the contrary and ask the
terrorism magistrate to prosecute. But the Belgian courts choose, however, to close the case.
The reason being that in our investigations by the Belgian secret services and myself, we found out that the high
police officer was not operating alone, but was managing many crooked cops running in a large terrorist
network. It has been shown that this organization is responsible for tails, phone tapping and numerous
professional intrusions in my home, sometimes in the middle of the night, and all in less than a quarter of an
hour. Their purpose seems to be to search for the MP3 of Mossad and to read my emails with the antiterrorism and Belgian secret services. But, due to a combination of technical factors, the intruders are identified
by their radios. The Belgian secret services then assist me in making a new complaint against this organization of
crooked police officers for terrorism.


In 2014, I'm made to leave Belgium, for Madagascar. When I get there, I'm received by a Belgian family, who
welcomes me and helps me out financially with my resettlement in Madagascar. I only found out later that they
already knew my story even before I tell them, they are in fact family of a former, important King's Prosecutor
in Belgium, directly related to my story.
The judge in charge of the case, opened in 2013 with the help of the Belgian secret services, sends in its first
field investigator. The response from this organization is terrible and not long in coming. In less than 3 hours, my
computer in Madagascar is hacked remotely and rendered unusable. An entire, 12-year-old Internet server in
Belgium, disappears from the web. The judge asks me to return to Belgium but doesn’t want to provide me with
protection. I refuse and he closes the case without any further investigation. I leave Madagascar for the Philippines.
In 2015, the first terror attacks begin in Europe, including the incident in Verviers (Belgium) where police
equipment is found in the terrorists’ hideout, but no terrorist has, to date, used police material. Then there are
the attacks in Paris and those in Brussels in March 2016. The attacks are organized from Brussels.
In 2016, I try to lodge a new complaint with
the Counter-terrorism Commission in Brussels. This
organization's response is immediate once again. One
of the most powerful cyber terrorism weapons on the
planet and this is still true today, Mirai botnet, is born. It
tests a series of attacks on a well-known French
company called OVH. Next, it's the turn of an American
company, Krebson Security, whose manager was
investigating the origin of this weapon.
Mirai botnet for the dummies: Mirai is a virus which
infects some objects on the web, such as the webcam
(CCTV). Once, the object is infected by the virus Mirai,
the object belongs to the army of Mirai botnet, even if it
remains a camera if it's a CCTV. The owner doesn't see
that his object is infected and under the control of a
virus. Once, the object belongs to the Mirai botnet, it
can receive the order to send, for example (it's an
image), every second, all books of Harry Potter, to a
target. So, if hundreds of thousands of objects send all volumes of Harry Potter, per second, to a target, this one is
quickly down. It could be a real lethal problem if the target is a sensitive place like a nuclear plant, an airport, a gas
dispatching center and so on. We can prepare a tower against an earthquake but we cannot try it and most often
the improvements are not enough. It's the same to prepare servers against such Internet weapons.
On October 19, 2016, my main webserver is in Dyn DNS Manchester USA. I got an email from the secretary of
the head office of the Belgian police. They say they take care of my file in the Counter-terrorism Commission in
Brussels. 3 hours later, like in 2014, my webserver is deleted. I restart immediately a new version of this server in
the Netherlands and on October 20, I insult the high police officer because I'm convinced he is the one behind this
On October 21, 2016, the USA was attacked by Mirai botnet. The most powerful Internet attack ever and Obama
must made a conference. The Mirai botnet's target is Dyn DNS Manchester USA.

On November 1st, 2016, my server and the mobile of my girlfriend get 4 Internet attacks at the same time. I solve
all. On November 9, my girlfriend is with our maid in a city that they don't know. They are blocked on the


pavement. An unknown couple approaches them to teach them how to find a hidden user on her mobile. When she
is back home, she tells me this, and we follow this procedure. We find a double signature. The pseudonym is the
anagram of the first name of the high police officer and the picture is his picture on the web. This picture, is a
symbol of the slave of Satan, making a link with Mirai botnet and with the terror attacks. We also understand
that my girlfriend was tailed. On November 10, the shop says to us that this mobile is fully hacked and its purpose
is to track us, to listen to us and to see us. They also say, that to put this second user, they borrowed her mobile in
the past to put manually (not remotely) this second user on her mobile.
From late December, Mirai botnet connects with a continuous signal to my main server, in the Netherlands. I'm
very surprised at this situation and I call the FBI. They put on my server a team with 7 experts and 4 servers to try
to know where is the command computer (C2). They spend 3 months, but they don't find anything. They confirm
only, it's Mirai botnet and they don't know why Mirai botnet connects itself like this on my server. It's a unique
situation in the world. I understand that the famous attack on October 21, the famous Internet blackout is linked to
me and my story. FBI still has a full access to my server right now. Hower, they seem to not believe that my story
could make a link with terrorism. They are wrong.
On January 21, 2017, this signal, like a chart on my server, shows me they are tracking my activities minute by
minute, in the middle of nowhere, in the Philippines and without an Internet connection. On 21st February 2017 it
happened again, but this time they track me surfing the site of the Belgian police, Then nothing.
On May 22, 2017, 11 h 02, Belgian time, Donald Trump is
welcomed to Israel by Benjamin Netanyahu. At the same time,
the Mirai botnet signal on my server becomes very active and
remains so for 4h30 before returning to its normal level. After
taking time to think and knowing the Mirai botnet’s owner, I call
the Belgian coordination center for terrorist alerts, OCAM, to
prevent what I can see happening as I feel it is a terrorist threat.
They don't understand what I am telling them and ask me to
send a report. At the time this report is sent, a bomb attack is
carried out in Manchester UK, at a concert at the Arena where
many children die. I understand, and I become upset with
the Belgian Federal Justice and the OCAM.
I see that the first significant attack of Mirai botnet took
place on 21st October 2016 on Dyn DNS, Manchester
USA and that the first attack that I was warned by Mirai
botnet on my server, took place in Manchester UK, the
22nd of the month. There are 4 major attacks on the 22nd of
the month including the one in Brussels and 4 major Mirai
botnet attacks on the 21st of the month (European time).
Two times Manchester US/UK, nothing is coincidental. A
few days later, the Americans will say that the Manchester
terrorist had been trained in Belgium.


On June 4, 2017, I see the same signal 2 hours before the attack in London (ram car and stabbing). I tell the
Belgian authorities to act because the next time, the van will be filled with explosives and that the fake explosive
belts should be considered a signature.

I have the same alert for many other attacks to date, such like...


On August 16, 2017, I got the warning for the attack in Spain (August 16-18). Morevover :

there were fake explosive belts and where the van must have been filled with gas canisters, which,
fortunately, exploded during their handling. I xrote this to the Belgian authorities just after the attack in
London on June 03, where the terrorists used already the fake explosive belts. On October 31, they will
use fake weapon (toys) in the rampage attack in Manhattan.
The Imam, who has trained terrorists in Spain, had a second life in Belgium, near the HQ of this terrorist
The very high Belgian police officer was in “holiday” in France, at the North of Paris, from August 6 to
August 17, but he hid what he was doing there. To remind you, on August 9, occurred the rampage attack
in Levallois-Perret and the terrorists from Spain where in Paris, on 12-13 August.
We just learned that there was a phone call, 2h before the attack in Catalogna, between the police and the
terrorist (,50111.html)
(see the chart and the new “claim” for the attacks in Spain on November 16, 2017 !)

On September 21 and 22, I got 6 warnings followed by no attack. Since the last warning was very huge, I called
the OCAM (HQ of counter terrorism in Belgium) to tell them that I think there will be an intensive attack, but nothing
happened. I did not understand them and I kept these warnings on the side.


On September 30 and October 1st, there were 4 terror attacks without any warnings, such as , in the order
Edmonton in Canada, Bale in Switzerland, Marseille in France and finally Las Vegas. Since the leader of this
organization is a chess gamer, I try to understand, because I know, he never makes something without a meaning,
and I understood. Each one of these attack matched with one of the warnings on September 21 and 22. Morevover,
the attack in Las Vegas got 3 warnings, 2 in European time, and 1 in the USA time, the hugest warning at the very
minute whch started the shooting in Las Vegas.
The attack in Las Vegas was immediately claimed by ISIS when Paddock had absolutely no connection with ISIS.
This observation was exactly the same as the attack in Marseille. These two attacks as well as the previous ones
were claimed by ISIS, via their agency AMAQ, who in October, chose to take the name,, in other
words, a Belgian Internet domain name for terrorist attacks all over the world. Quickly, the Belgian authorities asked
to close this domain name. Another attack to be warned on my server was again in London, 16th October 2017 at
the same underground station as on 15th September 2017.


On 17th October 2017, some compare my story with that of the Brabant's Killers in Belgium (in the 1980s) which
as it happens is being talked about a lot these days. I join one of the forums dedicated to this sad story, and I am
contacted by a former member of the Belgian Special Forces, ex-member of Gladio, and by an unofficial contact
within the Belgian Federal Justice. Both tell me about an organization known as GLADIO!
GLADIO had originally been created
by NATO, after the Second World War, to
counter a possible invasion of Europe by the
Russians. In the 1980s, GLADIO had
participated in acts of destabilization in
Europe, including terrorist acts in Italy and
Belgium. The purpose of these operations
was to encourage governments to be more
authoritative. In the 1990s, European
Governments discovered the existence
of GLADIO and demanded its dissolution.
But GLADIO continued to exist but in secret, recruiting staff within the army, the police, the justice system
or politics, so as to be able to control investigations around these terrorist acts.
In 2017, in Europe, they saw in their opinion a new style of invasion, Islam. To combat this, acts of
terrorism attributed to Islamists, are needed, and this is the reason given for attacks since 2015. In the
1980s, terrorists were chosen from among professionals because they had to come back alive. Today, it is
much easier. Muslims, chosen very young, often disturbed and not very intelligent must kill and be killed,
and they're the only ones nowadays who can die for their beliefs, thinking that it is for their cause.
Therefore I finally understand who I am dealing with, for several years I had already been describing an
organization, without being able to give it a name. I now understand that GLADIO is behind all the attacks because
they went to war, against a new style of invasion, Islam and they want to make the population and the Governments
believe that the enemy is Islam, at the cost of hundreds of lives.

From October 26 to 28, like an answer to have discovered the name of GLADIO, they are monitoring us very
intensively, while we have or don't have Internet and they show it on the Mirai level on my server. The most
incredible is they let me to see the IP's used in the level graphics. They are IP's from the same datacenter of my
server in the Netherlands. I call the datacenter and they confirm that this customer took a set of IP's on October 17,
exactly when I begin to make the link with GLADIO.
On October 31, 2017, there is the Manhattan attack, and I get 2 warnings, in European time and in GMT time. It
is the strict repetition of several other attacks in Europe, maybe a little more stupid. The terrorist is young and very
disturbed, he can be easily manipulated. He uses toy weapons! It's the same signature as the attack in London and
Spain with fake explosive belts! No terrorist manual ask to use fake weapons or fake explosive belts. The letter
making a link with ISIS and the flag in the trunk are the same signature as in Edmonton in Canada. The head police
officer of New York says the terrorist followed the ISIS instructions... Sure, the paintball!
On November 1st, 2017, there is a ram-car attack in London. I get one warning, and on November 2, ISIS claims
the Manhattan attack and I get the same shape of warning, at the same time as the attack itself. The same IP's are
On November 3, 2017, ISIS claims the attack in Manhattan and I get a huge warning at the same time. The
IP's addresses used for the claim are the same as the warning for the Manhattan attack.


On November 5, 2017, I get a huge warning again, and I don't find directly, the link with any attack. Later, I see
that this warning exactly matches with an attack in Yemen, 20 minutes after the beginning of the warning. Later
in the day, there is the massive shooting in a church in Texas. I don't find the explanations of authorities very
credible. The domestic problem could not be easily an explanation to such act, some years after this domestic
problem. But, above all, the error of the Air Forces, is typically the consequence of Gladio's actions which hires
especially frustrated and fired guys from the army or the law enforcement. We saw this in Belgium. I see then, that
the peak on November 5, also matches with the Texas shooting if I consider my time (Philippines) of this
warning. Since these warnings are only done for me, I could also consider my time and this time is perfectly the
time of the Texas shooting. So, on November 5, I have one big warning for two attacks. However, they are not
used to warn me attacks so far from Europe and in trouble zone. So, I think, this activity was about Texas shooting
especially we were in a series in the USA.

On November 6, 2017, I get a huge warning again, and I don't find at all any sign of terror attack anywhere. There
is also no link to my activity. Finally, I read in the news that the Comcast company is intensively attacked by a
huge DDoS attack. Hundreds of thousands of customers are without Internet or television in the USA. I look
further, and I'm stunned, the shape of the attack on Comcast matches perfectly like a copy-paste with the
graphic of the warning I have before my eyes. It's a very important event in this story, because this organization
just shows me that they confirm to own Mirai botnet, or whatever the name we give to this weapon which is the
one which attacked the USA on October 21, 2016. It's quite normal that such terrorist organization uses such
weapon against big companies if they want to force these companies to collaborate on anything.


On November 10, 2017, I got a new
warning. When I checked deeper, I
saw that this warning began at the
very minute when the police got a
call for a ram-car in Blagnac
(France) against chinese students.
The driver is again almost crazy and
he has a brother regorist Islamist.
On November 13, 2017, I got a new
huge warning and I was expecting it! I
begin to understand them. This
important warning began at the very
minute, when the first car with
terrorists went to operate the terror
attacks in Paris in 2015. 130
deaths! It was a comemoration, a
claim for a previous very important
attack in Europe and organized from Brussels.
On November 14, 2017, I got a new warning and again, this one started at the very minute when the killer
began his lethal trip, in Tehama (California). And the connections increased intensively on the very minute, when
he started to shoot!


On November 16, 2017, I got a very huge warning. They are quite rare and I don't understand it. I was looking for a
reason in my own activity but I did not find it. There was also no terror attack anywhere. Finaly, I found, It's at 90% a
new claim for the terror attack in Spain, on August 16-18, 2017. They launched a warning on August 16 at
17h56 and I get a repetition of this warning, much more higher on November 16 at 16h53, exactly, to date, 3
months after, at the hour when the attack occured on August 17. Moreover, the high of the level is exactly the
same, as the one, they used on June 08, 2017, hen they published a terrorist threat against 8 countries. Moreover,
on November 13, they did the same with a new warning, as a claim, for the attack in Paris, on November 13, 2015.

The next is coming very soon...
Since I know them for almost 10 years, since Mossad was tracking them since the 90's, since all these
events (and it's only a very short summary, many events are skipped), I would like to say :

They use essentially people from the law enforcement, army, justice, and
Intelligence services.
They have a structure, in many countries, to manage, orchestrate the terror
attacks or Internet attacks.


They have very skilled hackers, among the top of the world
They have terrorist Intelligence (espionage, spying, infiltration)
They have the most powerful Internet weapon, involving today, almost 600,000
IoT's (Internet of things). Mirai could kill if the attack points to a strategic center.
They have an unlimited reserve of terrorists ready to kill and to be killed
The head of GLADIO in Europe seems to be this very high Belgian police officer,
since there is almost no time between the action-reaction, in our relation.
They are probably preparing another 11/09, and this one will include 50% of

I have the feeling that they are waiting for only the good occasion because they are
Why I am warned before these attacks? I know the high Belgian police officer to whom I am very close. There is
definitively something of personnal on this story between this organization and me. Indeed, I personally know of his
terrorist ideals and that Mossad was pursuing him for terrorism. If it is him who is warning me of the attacks, he
probably does it like a serial killer who knows he is being hunted. We know perfectly each other and we monitor
each other too. He probably also does it so that I talk about it and that's what I do. Who better than I, who has this
link in my server with each of these attacks?
Why Las Vegas or Manhattan? Because in their opinion fighting Islam should be a global concern and
Americans, therefore, must be made aware and impacted by terrorism.
Today, I cannot sleep anymore and I check all the time, my server to get the new warnings. It's a well known
terrorist organization and they use me too, but they are not ISIS or Islamist at all. They are mainly in Europe and
their HQ is in Belgium. I know, most often, they use disturbed and young Islamists, quite stupid too, to kill and to be
killed. They are selected with no Islamist records and especially if they can be manipulated, almost crazy. The
Islamists are convinced to play their life for their cause and don't understand that they are manipulated. The most
incredible is that this organization give to them, fake explosive belts and in Manhattan, fake weapons.
Now, it's enough, I want to talk, same if I will risk my life. I cannot see these deaths. I feel responsible.
Please help me to tell what I know... and maybe, think also that I'm in danger. In his chess game, certainly, he
doesn't plan to let me alive.


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