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Welcome to Sabah Malaysia!
KK Leisure Tour & Rent a Car Sdn Bhd is based in Kota Kinabalu and provides
budget car rental services and inbound tour packages in Sabah. KK Leisure
was established in 2006 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with a clear aim: To provide a
high value tour packages and maintaining the high standards and exceptional
services to our customers and to fill the gap in the car rental industry by
making variable type of cars available for hire together with the appropriate
customized services anytime and anywhere.

About Us
KKLeisure Tour & Rent a Car Sdn. Bhd. Is a Sabah based company that was
established in 2006? We are venturing into the tourism industry by offering a
wide selection of tour packages and activities to cater for both local and
overseas tourist that come to visit and experience Sabah, the land below the
wind. We are also offering car rental services at competitive and affordable
prices for both private personal use and for the corporate sector. Our car fleet
consist of more that 180 vehicles of various models and types ranging from
small saloon cars, large saloon cars, 4 x 4, SUVs, and even MPVs.

Welcome to our tour packages page. Before you proceed allow us to tell you a
brief facts about Sabah, one of the 14 states in Malaysia situated at the
northern part of Borneo Island. An exotic tropical island paradise with
beautiful landscape and sceneries that will mesmerize you once you set your
eyes upon it. In Sabah is where the majestic Mount Kinabalu situated. Soaring
high at 4,095 metres (13,435 ft) above sea level it is the tallest peak in south
east Asian region.

Car Rentals
Welcome to our car rental page. Here we have a variety of selection for you to
choose for your car rental arrangement needs. The process is simple and easy.
Just click on the type and model of the car that you desire and proceed with
the booking instruction.

Going away on a trip means that you will be leaving your comfort zone behind
in which you will have to embrace a new environment that totally different from
your usual surrounding. However people always says that your home is where
your heart Is and here in Sabah we can provide you accommodation that will
suite not just your heart but the most important, your budget.

Contact Us
KK Leisure Tour & Rent A Car Sdn Bhd
Lot 7, Blok A, Ais City, Jalan Hj Ahmad, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
(+6) 088 234 607 Headquarters, (+6) 016 879 9136 24 Hours
(+6) 0 88 413 550 Terminal 1, (+6) 016 879 9136 Terminal 2,

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