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November 2017
To whom it may concern,

It is without hesitation that I support Sarah Burrial’s application to extend her study/exchange at the
VCA, School of Film & Television.

I have been Sarah’s primary lecturer over the past 12 months. She has proven to be an asset to the
class socially, artistically and academically. She has brought intelligence, subtly and drive to all the
projects she has worked on. I have watched her abilities and confidence grow enormously over the
time she has been at the VCA and can only assume they will continue to grow over the next 12

Sarah is a clever, dedicated student and has become an integral member of her cohort. She will do
well regardless of where she continues her study, but VCA would be delighted to see her continue
on here for another year. I am confident that her student colleagues feel the same way. They (and I)
have been enriched by Sarah’s company, her commitment and the creative ripple that is inevitably
created by the introduction of any new member to a small group.

Sarah’s major film project this year has received high praise from assessors and reveals at an artistic
promise that she and her class mates should, together, be excited about pursuing. Another year at
VCA would allow Sarah and her class-mates the opportunity to dig a little deeper and form even
stronger artistic bonds.

I hope to see Sarah in the corridors again next year. She’s a real asset.

Warm regards

Siobhan Jackson

Lecturer & Supervising Producer
School of Film & Television
Victorian College of the Arts
The University of Melbourne 

234 St Kilda Rd Southbank Vic 3006 AUSTRALIA 

+ 61 3 9035 9038

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