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What is a camper?
A camper is a vehicle, generically, any vehicle, regardless of whether it is towable or motorized
that can be used to camp out. You can also define it as a portable bedroom. This means that
almost any vehicle that can be used for this purpose qualifies to be called a camper. In the RV
industry, a camper is the RVs that are called pop-up trailers or camping trailers. Campers can be
identified by the various features that they possess. The trailer is usually lightweight. It comes
with some added features and sometimes it can be hard to tell it apart from regular trailers.
The features they may possess
Bumper hitch tow: this is one of the identifiers of smaller trailers. These can be towed from one
place to the next using a medium sized car.
Lightweight: the campers are usually lightweight and they can be towed safely using a car. When
the camper is too heavy, many people would think of it as a travel trailer.
The basic features
Battery: the camping trailers possess a battery. This can used for braking and breaking away.
Storage: many of the RVs have some storage space. This space can be accessed from the outside
or the inside, as you want. There is also a bathroom that has a small closed and another one in the
bedroom area. In addition, a kitchen has cabinet space. This is quite limited on the trailer,
especially if you want a cooler in there.
Electric braking system: all RVs should be capable of braking. The brakes do not need to be too
specialized but some braking is necessary and can be used together with the brakes of the tow
car. Usually, brakes are electronic and are activated using cables that are used for trailer hitching
on to the two vehicles. There is usually a battery in the trailer and this is used for the application
of the braking energy this is helpful in cases when the trailer comes loose from the vehicle, the
RV applies the brakes up until the time the battery runs out.
Front jack: camping trailers have a front jack that is used to lift it from the number and then
level it front to back.
Sleeping arrangements: usually, a camper will include a sleeping space for one. A queen bed is
usually included. In the smaller RVs aimed at hunting trips. The bed is able to fold to create
some space. This is a better arrangement that will help you utilize the space regardless of how
small it is.
LP gas sensor: since LP gas is odorless, it is important to have an odor sensor as it helps us
know when there is a leak and having a sensor makes it possible to save accidents. You may not
need this if your camper does not have LP gas.

Carbon monoxide detector: because you may be burning LP gas, make sure that you include this
Smoke detector: this is a good idea regardless of whether you are using electricity or LP gas. A
smoke detector is a worthy investment and can save you a lot.

When looking for cheap campers for sale, you should consider all the features available.
Consider everything that you consider to be important to you and ensure that it is included. You
can find amazing deals for pre-owned camping trailers.

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