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Jimmy Hadj-Rabah
21 years old, born on Dec. 19th, 1995
9 chem. des Petites Rues, 21220 Morey St-Denis France

Currently graduated from a first year of
a Master’s degree specialized in International Communication, I chose this year
to be my placement year abroad. I am
very interested in discovering the work
in a communication agency, in the view
of working abroad after my studies.


Master’s Degree International Communication
and Strategies - Dijon, France


- Communication, Marketing, Graphic design, Website design,
English, Spanish.

• BA Modern Languages - Nice, France

- Economics, Law, Communication, English, Spanish,
Russian, Interpreting, Translation




Orange - Dijon, France - Social media manager /2017
- Social media management, Community management,
Brand’s image analysis, Event planning/communication
(duration : 6 months)

Office Pack

• Junior Agence MASCI - Member


- Organization of the year-end reception (including fund-raising,
digital communication, events planning)
- Creation of a corporate identity and style guide for the company FREDON Bourgogne, Beaune, France. (including standardization of the internal communication, website design and external
communication strategies implementation)
- Creation of external communication material for a sport
association. (Infographics and website design).

Actifs Immobilier - Dijon, France - Intern


STEF Marsannay - Logistic employee


English tutoring for a high school student


- Development and analysis of the impact of the company’s
communication. Infographics and Social media)
(duration : 3 months)
Odd jobs

- Order picking (duration : 3 months)
(duration : 1 school year)

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