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Guillaume PETIT
17 rue de l’Aérostation Maritime 78210 St-Cyr-l’Ecole, France | +33 6 59 09 03 82 |

Junior Mechanical Engineer with multidisciplinary skills, from mechanical design to vehicle
architecture. My practical education gave me technical abilities like process fabrication or
management and my theoretical education provided me strong analytical skills like driveline analysis
or mechanical analysis. Looking for an opportunity in the mechanical engineering field in automotive,
defense or transport sectors in a company hunting a young and dedicated French engineer.
Key Skills

Vehicle architecture / driveline
Dynamic simulation
Finite elements

Technical documents writing
Strong team worker

Junior Mobility Architect

Sept 2017 to Current

Nexter Systems – Versailles, FRANCE
In charge of the mobility of the military vehicle 8x8 CAESAR artillery system from Nexter Systems:
• Did dynamic simulations to measure the vehicle’s performances, to validate the client’s requirements,
to define the use profile, using Adams software from MSC Software Corporation
• Configured the tire model, the suspension model, the centre of gravity and more
• Involved in the test campaigns
• Wrote technical writings for the clients
• Realized advanced analysis of the simulation results about the vehicle characteristics using Adams and
JMP software.

Mobility Engineer Intern

March 2017 to Sept 2017

Nexter Systems – Versailles, FRANCE
End-of-studies internship in order to validate my Master Degree in mechanical engineering
Mission: in what ways can one make predictions of performances of vehicles put in simulation more reliable
• Studied the vehicle architecture / driveline
• Identified the most important parameters affecting the given vehicle performance
• Created a design of experiments using JMP Software from SAS
• Quantified the influence of the parameters using JMP analysis
• Proposed an action plan to the interested parties to improve the accuracy of said-factors

Advanced Technician Intern

April 2017 to June 2017

Laboratory “Institut P’”, National Centre for Scientific Research - Poitiers, FRANCE
End-of-studies internship in order to validate my Bachelor Degree in mechanical engineering
Mission: renovation of a biaxial tensile test site for the study of the mechanical behaviour of elastomer elements.
• Updated the site configuration in order to be able to study the elastomer elements, initially made for
corrugated cardboard
• Used the not disruptive photomechanical method named “follow-up by markers”
• Designed new jaws machine in order to avoid any material deformations
• Wrote technical documents

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering
University of Poitiers, France – University of Linköping, Sweden

Core Skills

French (mother tongue) – English (working knowledge) – Italian (basic)
Adams/Car – CATIA – SolidWorks – JMP – Matlab


Handball (competition), mountain biking, windsurfing, skiing
Travels, new technologies, sciences, news
Mr R. MIQUEL – Mobility Supervisor at Nexter Systems
+33 1 39 49 31 02 –
Mrs A. BLOUIN – Research Professor
+33 5 49 49 65 38 –

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