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Some ideas for the organization of the ZVZ .pdf

Nom original: Some ideas for the organization of the ZVZ.pdf
Auteur: CAT Angèle

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Some ideas for the organization of the ZVZ (to read such suggestions, the experiences of one can
serve those of others). Sorry for my poor english.

Fighters : At the ZVZ, bringing together the biggest players, the fighters in a single And even
guilde. The one with the most developed research center. The idea being to have the bonus
attack of the third level.


Other participants : The guilde allows to create 4 groups of players ' squads '. You might
consider organizing groups defined as:

Territory Squad : Players in charge of occupying the Territory

Harvest Squad : Players in charge of harvesting enemy land

Spys Squad : Players in charge of looking for targets (Spys)

Inactives Squad : Players with 3-day shields that guarantee they won't move.

With good communication, the alliances (the squads) could share the map of the enemy zone divided
into 4 (zone A – Zone B – Zone C – Zone D).
Bringing together players from different alliances in the same corner will facilitate the protection in
the form of false rallies. To strengthen, if a defense proves useful.
Each group (squads) will be able to create chat rooms to communicate.
The Spys join the attackers ' lounge to give them targets.

The bottom idea is to bring players together and allow them to feel useful (even if they are not
To appoint a group leader for each squad in order to convey the best communication between them.
To involve as many players as possible and to see the number of participants grow.
These suggestions may be inappropriate for different reasons, but in doubt, I preferred to share

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