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Julien Rossin present UK .pdf

Nom original: Julien Rossin present UK.pdf
Titre: Microsoft Word - Documento2
Auteur: julien rossin

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JULIEN  ROSSIN    Choreographer:  
French artist, choreographer & dancer (Marseille) trained in urban dances,
and contemporary. He defines his style as "experimental"
After completing his studies in international trade and with the desire to
discover the professional world of dance, he decided to move to Barcelona
to train for 2 years with Anna Sanchez at Varium.
He collaborated with different companies like Nadine Gerspacher, Erre
que erre, Zoa Xeper, Di6danse, Sharon Fridman.
In 2015 he joined Le Cirque du Soleil for the project HEART IBIZA. He is
co-choreographer and dancer of EFIL duets with Arias Fernandez (Special
mention jury festival HOP 15 ', Mercat de les flors, Certamen Coreografico
Madrid, Festival Young Choreography 16 ', win with his partner the first
prize of the festival Hop sant Andreu.)
and the piece AURA with Aina Lanas (Yugen Cie, Special mention festival
HOP 16, Mercat de les flors, Sismograf, Deltebre, Quinzena Danza lisboa
He created the festival 'SHAKE THE BORDERS' in partnership with
Refugees Aids Bcn and Nunart to raise funds to help the cause of
He is visited as professor in Barcelona, Mallorca, Madrid, Malaga,
Marseille, Lausanne, Luxembourg and Costa Rica.
He is also developing the project 'IMPULSO DEL SILENCIO' with Ivana
Duzanec to create an artistic platform for deaf artists.
With a lot of energy and motivation, Julien continues to train in different
festivals as a performer mixing dance, physical theater, video-mapping and
magic through different projects around the world.
Final  2017,  he  created  his  first  piece  as  choreographer  ‘Perception’  .  

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