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Executive Summary
Arnaud Pourredon is a medical and public health student based in Bordeaux. His experience
on several humanitarian missions has awaken him to the problems of counterfeit medicines.
Today, 15% of the drugs sold worldwide are fake, and 800,000 people die each year
because of the consumption of these substances. In order to overcome this major public
health problem, which mainly affects developing countries, he has proposed Meditect, a
customary innovation.
The digital tool that was developed in collaboration with a team of doctors, pharmacists and
engineers has the ability to verify the authenticity of a box of medicines in less than 10
seconds thanks to the Blockchain technology. Users can be the different stakeholders
involved in the drug chain: on the one hand patients, on the other hand pharmaceutical
laboratories and intermediaries (importers/exporters, wholesalers/dispatchers, pharmacies,
public institutions, notably police and customs, NGOs).
As a first step, Meditect wishes to ensure the authenticity of all medicines manufactured in
Europe by positioning itself in relation to the European Serialization Directive, that will be
mandatory in February 2019. Then, the aim will be to expand the project worldwide. Meditect
will propose pharmaceutical companies to add, during the packaging phase, a unique label
for each box, which will be functional with the Meditect service. This label will be printed on
the boxes during the packaging phase of the production chain.
Access to Meditect is very simple. A patient must not change his habits. If the patient has a
smartphone, he is free to access the website, or download the respective application. If he or
she uses a messaging service, he or she can chat directly with a chatbot and instantly get a
reply. If the patient does not have an internet access, he or she can send an SMS to a
dedicated number in order to receive a reply.
Third world patients are afraid of drugs and want to be sure of their quality. Today, they
don’t have a simple and accessible tool in order to help them verify the authenticity of the
medicines they consume. It is a major public health concern for governments, institutions
and NGOs. Without a doubt, this represents an economic challenge for pharmaceutical
companies that have a significant shortfall because of this scourge.
Currently, no universal solution for the general has been developed yet.
The use of the Meditect platform is intended to be free for patients and healthcare
professionals. Certifying a verifiable medication box will also be free for laboratories. The
main source of income envisaged will be the valorization of data in order to improve public
health actions. It would also be possible to sell statistical and epidemiological tests in order
to optimize public health actions for state institutions.
As early as 2019, in order to sustain the proposed innovation, Meditect hopes to be able to
create jobs by hiring developers, salespeople and freelance graphic designers, specialized
developers and a video artist.
Meditect offers a tool to verify the authenticity of medication boxes for all users. The tool
meets the expectations of governments/institutions and especially laboratories by
addressing one of the most important public health challenges of the 21st century.

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