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February 2017 / February 2018

Creajeux is a French video games school based at Nîmes which teach
programing and graphic design.

Polyvalent assistant all field

- Assistance to the communication inside and outside the school
- Stand animation to promote the school
(Paris Games Week, Toulouse Game Show, International games festival from Cannes)
- Electronics and mechanics engineer
- Facilities maintenance
- Students assistance (lesson, projects)

Pierre Duchon
2D/3D artist
16 February 1989
28 years old
Domaine le verdier RD 907
30125 Saumane, France
Skype : creagameart

June 2010 / September 2010

3D Modeler / texturer / Animator
Video Editor
- Video games trailer maker


January 2014 / June 2014

Pointcube eis a french studio which developed applications about swimming
pool and garden item in 3D.

2D / 3D Graphic artist

- 3D modelisation of swimming pool, garden item and architectural stuff
- 2D texture
- 3D animation
- UI conception for applications
- Models input to Unity, computers and tablets

App tester

- Test of the different apps
- Probleme and error Report
- Texture, 3D and UI Correction

Au Dela Du Virtuel

October 2013 / Décember 2013

Au Dela Du Virtuel is a french company which have contracts with different
company and Nintendo to promote video games and other products.

Sales promotion for video games

- Video Games and game console promotion
- Public management

Freelance 2D / 3D Artist

September 2012 / Septembrer 2017

FootPrintgame, JDWasabi, TD2112, NOOB, Vigilant Addiction :
3D Modeler / texturer / Animator
Dropout Attire, DTG PrintZ : 2D Designer

2014 : Green City Garden
(Real time)
2014 : MyPool 3D
(Real time)

2009 : Broussouf Adventure (Adventure)
2010 : Roadhog’s Legend (Race)
2011 : Xtraball (Sport)

Video Games Technician, Graphic design field, Creajeux
Nîmes, France, June 2011
A-Level in Graphic production, André Malraux
Monteraux, France, June 2008
Gene. Nat. Vocati. Qual. Graphic, André Malraux
Monteraux, France, June 2006

2014 : Green city Garden (Real time)
2014 : MyPool 3D (Real time)
Present : TD2112 (Tower Defense)

Reading, sport, theater, pets, art, cooking.


Driving License
First aid certificate
French : Mother tongue
English : Speak, write, comprehension (3 year ½ in England)
(References available upon request)

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