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Job Description
Ho Chi Minh Program Director

Title: Program Director
Location: CRCC Asia Ho Chi Minh Office
Reports to: Director of Global Initiatives
Hours of duty: Monday – Friday 0900-1800 hrs.
Start Date: January 2018
About CRCC Asia

CRCC Asia is a global company, with offices in the USA, UK, Australia, and China. We provide students and
graduates from around the world a platform to develop personally and professionally by facilitating work
experience and internship programs in China, Japan, Vietnam and Manchester.
We’ve been running for 11 years and have a 7000+ alumni network of previous participants. We are proud
to be the leading provider in the industry.
We are currently seeking a Program Director for our Ho Chi Minh Internship Program (based in Ho Chi Minh).
Tasks and responsibilities

Confirming host company partnerships for internship placements and managing the on-going relationship for
future programs
Hiring and leading a local team that is responsible for:
o Organizing all logistics for large groups of interns
o Caring for general well-being of interns in Ho Chi Minh
o Organizing the monthly program events.
Solving and following up on any issues arising between interns and host company by liaising with the Business
Development Team and Director
Responsible for office and staff including development of team, managing budgets, organizing payroll with
Finance team, approval of vendors and anything else related to office

We are looking for long-term commitment, and there is great scope for promotion within the company with a young,
friendly international team environment.

Fluent Vietnamese speaker
Knowledge of Ho Chi Minh City (preferable)
Existing business network within Ho Chi Minh (preferable)
Excellent verbal and written English language skills
Degree level education
Excellent understanding of Vietnam business culture
Outgoing and approachable personality
Reliable with excellent organizational skills
Ability to live and work in Vietnam with valid work permit

To apply please email your CV (maximum 2 pages in total) to hochiminh@crccasia.com with the subject line ‘Ho Chi
Minh Program Director’.


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