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It's rewarding to have friends. Use Zebpay
referral program & get free bitcoins. For details
visit http://link.zebpay.com/ref/REF50205581
You can earn worth of 100rupees on your first transaction, if someone
using referral code referred you

There is no limit to earn with Zebpay .It gives equal opportunity
to earn bitcoin to new and old both users. It is best and most
popular app for buying and selling bitcoin. Even you can send
and receive bitcoin on Zebpay app.

If you ask me personally then i would say Bitcoin is far better
than gold and bank fixed deposit and mutual funds.

Daily around thousands of people are downloading and installing Zebpay App for
Bitcoin Buy sell.
You can buy Bitcoin with your bank or card on Zebpay App. Zebpay app is 100%
secure, user friendly and advanced.

You can download Zebpay Mobile App here on this link and can install on your
mobile in couple of minutes.
You can also invite your friends and can earn referral commission by inviting them.
There is no limit to earn on Zebpay.
Whenever your friends Buy or Sell bitcoin it will pay you 10% of commission of total
commission. Means Zebpay will share its 10% earning to you because of referring.
Here are steps to start Refer and Earn program of Zebpay:Step 1:- Download Zebpay app Here.
Step 2:- Install it on your mobile / Android / IOS
Step 3:- Sign Up on it with your Mobile Number it will automatically verify with OTP
and do not forget to use Zebpay Referral Code REF50205581
Step 4:-Now go in invite option and get your own referral Link
Step 5: – Share your referral link on Facebook YouTube WhatsApp twitter LinkedIn
Google Plus emails etc.
Hurray Now you are done and you have permanent source of earning via Zebpay

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