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Dear System Of a Down,

Please let me tell you a story about those two fellows.

It was a rainy night in a city called Lyon, France. I had found a piano on the french Craiglist
for 5 euros : from the 19th century, England. The piano had belonged to an english writer,
who sold it to a couple. They were moving out and they were looking for someone to take it.
As I did not have money to transport it, I decided to do it by myself : so I built a trolley from
an old skateboard, with wheels, wood and ropes.

I had asked to Margot and Manu to be part of the adventure. As they are not afraid about
anything, they just said yes. We arrived late in the evening to take the piano. Everything was
working fine till we went down to the street. I need to precise that we were 3 to move a 250
kilos piano in a distance of 6 kilometers (3.7 miles), on the street. After 50 meters, one the
wheels hit a manhole and the trolley broke.

While I was going to find some tools to fix it, Marg’ had the idea of installing the piano in the
middle of a small square, and playing. When I came back, one of the most magical moments
of my life. Imagine : a young lady playing in the streets on an old piano out of tune, 40
persons at the balconies listening and clapping in their hands.

Finally, we fixed the wheels directly on the piano, which was working quite well. Ready to

go, we went back to our walk : on the road this time, in the middle of the cars, pushing this
piano heavy as hell still under a pouring rain. We managed to do 700 meters before one of
the wheels broke. Thursday night, 1.30 A.M., in the middle of nowhere, with a 250 kilos
piano on 3 wheels.

They did not leave the ship. We were stopped next to a tiny bar. 15 persons max, all drunk
and more than 60 years old. When magic happened. A man came from the bottom : one of
the ten piano tuners in Lyon, and the craziest one. 1.5 million citizens, and he was here. He
was so impressed and choked at the same time that I was afraid of approaching him. Finally,
we have made a deal : we left the piano in the bar, and he came the next morning to move it
to my place. In exchange, I proposed him to help with some other ones.

This how I began piano. Happy ending, but without those fellows it would have been
another story you don’t want to talk about anymore. They have been heroic, and they still
are, giving their best every moment.

That is why I would like to offer them something special for Christmas. As System Of a
Down is their favorite band, I would like to ask you a favor : if you could record a small
video to wish there a Merry Christmas, it would the most beautiful present I could offer
them. 30 seconds max : a quarter of a cigarette, half of a cat video on Facebook, 1/20 of the
solo of ‘Free Bird’, 10 floors in a elevator .. I guess that you are super busy, that you may
have such a lot of messages, but they really deserve it. You just have to put it in the link
below. Not published, not broadcasted. Only for them : you have my word.

Link :

I hope you will be able to help.

Merry Christmas !


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