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The Linde Group is known as one of the world leaders in gases, enginee­
ring and healthcare. We operate in more than 100 countries across the
globe and generated revenue of 16.948 billion euros in 2016. But what
makes us great is our people, because they make great things happen.
Guided by integrity, Linde employees take pride in what they do,
because they know it makes a real difference to our customers. They are
empowered to turn a challenge into an opportunity to learn and grow.
This is how they take the lead, every day.

European Graduate Programme.
What you will enjoy doing
٠٠ By exposing you to three challenging work assignments in our core
business functions, you will gain a solid understanding of how our
business works and what our customers’ needs are.
٠٠ You will develop intercultural competencies while being sent abroad
for two six month assignments.
٠٠ By working with your mentor, you will release your full potential.
٠٠ You will grow and develop for future success by networking with your
graduate peers as well as with important key contacts and business
What makes you great
٠٠ A Masters degree in a natural science, engineering or technical
discipline from a well-known university plus business, management or
logistics studies.
٠٠ Proven track record of internships and/or studies abroad.
٠٠ With your international mind-set you value different perspectives and
ideas from your colleagues and enjoy working in diverse teams.
٠٠ Ambitions to become a business leader and a natural ability to lead
and inspire, to excel in our European Graduate Programme that will
prepare you for a leadership career.
٠٠ Strong communication skills and exceptional self- motivation,
combined with an appetite for challenges.
٠٠ Excellent English language skills and competence in at least one other
European language to enable you to work effectively with our diverse
teams right from the start.

Why you will love working at Linde
You are passionate about the prospect of leading our business and our
people in the future. The programme is about identifying our future
leaders today and preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.
Throughout the programme you’ll develop by challenges on the job,
working with people who demonstrate excellence in their areas and
completing a tailored training programme.
Are you ready to take the lead?
Send in your CV in English, references, academic certificates and a one
page essay in English answering the following questions:
٠٠ Why you want to join the European Graduate Programme.
٠٠ Describe a situation when you had to make a decision without
knowing the full facts.
Programme start is on 1 October 2018 and the application period runs
from 20 December 2017 until 14 February 2018.
Please send your application with reference “European Graduate” to
More information about the programme on:

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