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Is pleased to welcome you

About TRY & SEE
TRY & SEE is a Web Distributor based in France, working with a Large
Network of Partners through the World as the company works in
connexion with experienced distributors and Earn their Web.
Our purpose is to distribute our brands online and to offer you the Best
Offers and Services for your websites.

▪ We are Specialized on Privates Sales in Europe & Project to Develop
Every Channels Online for this Area.
▪ Our Huge Network include more than 100 Brands & Permit us to
send you offers continuously All Over the Year.
TRY & SEE works with the leaders of Private Sales as Vente privee,
Showroom, Brandalley and more...
As our Supplier’s Network is Improving, we Need New Partners for the
distribution of our products.

►Our Qualified and Dynamic Teams are Continually Sourcing the Best Offers & Analysing
the Markets trends to Improve our Network, Services & Know-How to Offer you the Best

Work with TRY & SEE and …
✓ Find a Quality Partner at No Cost that Continuously Fulfill your Website!
✓ Earn an Experienced Team that Insure Sourcing, Communication, Negociation & Offer Making
to Find & Provide you the Best Products on the market with the Best Prices!
✓ Benefit from our Huge Suppliers Network that allow us to propose you Huge offers by thematic
(Ex : Kitchen, household, Hight Tech…) with thousands
jbl products!
✓ Benefit from our Distribution & Agency Network that give us Proposition & Adaptation Power!
✓ Build a Strong Partnership that would Evolve Quickly and Generate Huge Benefits!

Process :
Step 1 : We Transmit you the Information about the Products by Excel + the Pictures or Videos for validation of an operation.
Step 2 : The Offer is Online on your website for 1 or 2 Weeks.
Step 3 : For Each 7 Days of Sales ► We organize Delivery at Our Warehouses / at Your Warehouses for the final distribution.

The company benefit from a Close Club of Experienced Web Distributors & is Quickly Increasing his Sourcing Network
month after month to propose you the Best Brands of the market for All Ranges :
 Kitchen & Household Appliances
 Electronic & High Tech Appliances
 Toys & Sport
 House & Garden Equipments
 Fashion & Accessories
 Beauty & Healthcare
We work with every products which could have a potential with internet by their
Innovation, Quality & Price.

TRY & SEE is always researching and developing the best
technology and methods in order to give you the most efficient
service possible :
Global project : Quick Bots & Combinated operations, SMO & Creation
of several websites to build a strong network online to promote the
products, Global sourcing & Partnership operations…

Some of our collaborators…

Interested? Join the club!
Send us your conditions by email and let’s start business!
In Return we would send you the first thematic offers
We stay at disposal to discuss farther about a partnership
Be sure we can find out some interesting opportunities
Looking for reading you,
All TRY & SEE trading team


David Guerreir
CEO of the company +33 (0)6 41 30 47 59

Thank you for your
interest, See you soon !

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