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Newsletter n°2 – December 2017

ESM New York

Newsletter n°2 - December 2017

ESM New York

Installation & paintings days
fixing the interior of the (not so brand…) new
ESM facilities. Which is, in fact, also part of our mission as
the pioneer students. If we want ESM to be fruitful in years
to come, we have to build it on firm foundations!

We received great support
from the parishioners of Saints
John and Paul in Larchmont,
the Emmanuel Community in
NYC, the French Aumonerie,
and friends and families.
Many helped with donations
of furniture, bedding, towels,
appliances and more in order
to help us make the house
even more WELCOMING!

This has been a precious help,
thanks again to everyone!

Many also came to help
us paint, clean-up and
move furniture around.

Thanks also to
those who pray
for the project!

Whilst we’re speaking about "thanks", here is a new reason to be thankful for - on November
23rd, we not only celebrated the birthday of our kind director but also the feast of

For this special occasion, we were hosted by
very welcoming and generous families from
Saints John and Paul parish in Larchmont, so
we could experience all the joy and riches
of this feast. It was an amazing experience one thing is certain, Americans know how to
make someone feel at home!

Emmanuel School of Mission NYC

ESM New York

Newsletter n°2 - December 2017

November ended with a
Marguerite Chevreul (also
known as Paquerette).

New teachers...
New topics...
New discoveries!
Our intellectual life was
nourished a lot these last
few weeks. We officially
began our teachings with
specialists coming just for
us from Europe. Father
Dominique-Marie, current
rector of Trinita dei Monti in
Rome was our first guest
and gave us a course on
liturgy. His class made us
aware of how deep the
communion is between
Heaven and earth during

We had our first street
evangelization in Central
Park putting Jean-Luc's
advice into practice and
experiencing inculturation.

reflection on ourselves and
others, she helped us think
about occupations that
could make us more fruitful
in society. God is love, and
He gave us talents, so, as
long as we orient them to
the good, we should use
our talents to the best of
our ability. By doing this we
are following His will and
discovering our vocation
for our joy and the joy of
the world. God is good!

We also started a class on
the history of the spirituality
given by Father Frank who
is a priest of the parish of
Saints John and Paul in
Through his teaching we
realized how the Holy Spirit
is present at the beginning
of the earth’s creation and
how blessed we are that
our baptism truly makes us
children of God!
Moens from Belgium. His
evangelization enflamed
our hearts and gave us a
burning spirit to start our

Emmanuel School of Mission NYC

ESM New York

Newsletter n°2 - December 2017

Discovering the
neighborhood and
the local mission

Our Lady, the
On Saturday Nov. 9th the Feast Day of St. Juan
Diego - we took part in
a consecration to Jesus
through Mary. It boosted
our will to honor Mary as
our spiritual Mother who
gives birth to each one
of Her children.
As a sign of Heaven it was
also the first day of snow
here in New York. The
whole of the city became
as immaculate as the
purity of Mary!

The beginning of ESM NY is the
starting point of a brand new
mission at a local scale. In
order to find our place, we
have to get to know the
neighborhood better and
find out what is currently
been done.
Therefore the month of
November was
dedicated to meeting
the local missions.
The Redemptorists who
are responsible for the
church next door; the
Missionaries of Charity
(sisters of Mother Teresa)
Franciscan Friars of the
Renewal who are five
blocks away.

On Monday 18th December, we had our
first service of compassion with the
Missionaries of Charity. We were amazed
by the holiness of their lives and the entire
gift of their life for the poor.

Emmanuel School of Mission NYC

Newsletter n°2 - December 2017

ESM New York

Taming the Big Apple... Young
Missionaries on expedition!
Finally, we’ve started to make New York
our new home by taking the
opportunity of our free days to do some
visits (#Routard's Guide). We were
astonished by the beauty of the
Autumn colors in Central Park(1), lost in
the crowd in Times Square with Father
Dominique-Marie and suspended in
the air on the High Line(2). Such good
memories, praise God!



Hi! I have just finished a masters in Developing Studies (International
Development). I grew up in a Catholic family, except for my mother
and grandmother we were not very practicing. I met the Lord
almost 10 years ago during a retreat with the Franciscans. I was
totally transformed and with joy and desire to announce Jesus to
those who don't know Him. Meeting Jesus is the starting point of a
new life; received and given. That doesn't mean there will not be
sufferings it means life will be inhabited by the deep conviction that
one is loved unconditionally. For me, doing ESM is a way to
definitely put my life in the hands of God and acquire a strong
knowledge of the Catholic faith. I also expected to be challenged
in my relationships with others. On this point I am not disappointed!
Through community life I already feel that I’m growing in charity.
My brothers and sisters are a daily joy that strongly deepens my
desire to be at the service of others in big and small things. Through
our differences I can feel my heart being prepared for the mission
and I can’t wait to start. Thanks be to God!!

Emmanuel School of Mission NYC

Newsletter n°2 - December 2017

ESM New York

Emmanuel School of Mission NYC

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