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Specializes in incorporating unorthodox products and original concepts and ideas that
are so unique and extraordinary that they often outshine the industry standards.

integral part of an established group of companies
operating since 1998 and is a registered exhibitions
stand/wooden joinery manufacturer in the Emirate of
Dubai. With its highly experienced promoters,
wholesome technical and financial backing, it has
established a joinery division in Dubai investment
incorporating unorthodox products and original
concepts and ideas that are so unique and
extraordinary that they often outshine the industry
standards. We devise rare and inventive ideas for our
client's required interior spaces and use diverse
features and elements of interior design by focusing
particularly on the practical application and
implication of our concepts. All our notions and
products are created based on the underlying
principles of sustainability. Our assortment of raw
materials include recycled wood, eco friendly boards
and “Zero Lead” finishing and painting materials.

To constantly provide eco-friendly world class finishes in
our interior design concepts. To execute and complete all
our projects in such a way to create an ambience that will
replicate the desires of our client's hearts and bring to life
their life style in harmony with nature

Service Standards
We at GOLD DUST INTERIORS LLC. (GDI), aim to deliver products by optimal
utilization of our resources.
It is our firm policy to deliver not only our products on time but also maintaining high
quality in our after sales service.
Every task is prioritized on the basis of time, quality and monitory
value. This act helps us in getting constant business from

Our Design Principles
We deliver results with only the best, most breathtaking concepts
that will benchmark the high standards and quality of lifestyle of
our clients. Our design features include everything from gorgeous affordable art that
you can wrap around your favorite furniture to the magnificent, attractive display of
your home, office or any other project with sculpture cut finish.

» To become the leader of innovative products and to set a new benchmark in
executing real art
» To work in accordance with the client's requirements and exceed their expectations
in terms of quality, cost control and time management
» To always become the client's first choice by ensuring the finest materials and
creating astonishing and remarkable "Works of Art"
» To dedicate all our innovations and prowess to satisfy the desires and needs of our
clients and provide them with world class interiors and furnishings

Factory & Machines
Our state of the art manufacturing facilities will speak volumes about the technical
knowledge and the expertise that we've procured in this field. The manufacturing
division swiftly and efficiently handles all our resources with minimal cost and brings
the price to a desirous level for both parties.

Prime Specialities

Exhibition Stands


Play Schools & Nurseries

Residential Projects

Interior Design

Preparation Of Detailed Drawing
Preparation Of 2d & 3d Images
Preparation Of Boq & Estimation
Getting Approvals

Special Products

Fire Rated Doors
Acoustic Doors
Pantry Cabinets
Kitchen Units
Vanity Counters

Retail Outlets

Commercial Projects

Our Targets

Villas & Apartments
Offices & Commercial
Clinics & Schools
Restaurants & Hotels
High Raised Commercial
Properties (Special Products)

http://www.golddustinterior.com | info@golddustinterior.com

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