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January 2018

Seasons in the Sun News

Hello to all our Seasons friends.

We are starting off the season with a bang. Diane is our activities
coordinator and let the games begin. Just look at the calendar and enjoy
your time with us.

Hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful Christmas. We are getting
ready to bring the New Year in and really excited to bring it in with all of you
Wonderful People. Fireworks are not allowed in the park but we will be
having food, entertainment & lots of fun. If you have any problems with
anything, please let us know and we will do everything we can to make it

Thank you. Sherree

Electric Usage :

The office has been tracking electrical usage by site for the last 12 months.
Many sites were well over the average comsumption. I need to remind
everyone that :
1. Appliances including refrigerators + freezers over 36° high are not
allowed outside or in screen enclosures.
2. Wash machines + dryers are not allowed outside your R.V. which
includes your cargo trailer.
With that said, we will continue to monitor the usage, if necessary, we will
charge your account for the amount over the average usage amount by
everyone in the Resort.
For the many who are extending their stay to 6 months with us, your
electric will now be on to run those dehumifiers during the summer. The
electric will be charged during storage period. You can give us a deposit for
the electric or give us credit authorization to run your card monthly for the
kilowatt usage.

What’s Happen in the 2018 January Sky?
• Two full moons, Jan 2nd, Tue. 9:24 pm and
Jan 31st, Wed. 8:27 am,
• Quadrantids Meteor Shower 3rd and 4th,
• Partial Lunar Eclipse Visible. Penumbral begins January 31st, 05h 51m,
13. Duration 1 hour, 20 minutes, 8 seconds.

All the teams at Seasons in the Sun
Wish you a Happy New Year,
Happiness, Joy, Peace for
you and your Family.

Reminder to all our guests

Please remember that you have
to let us know by March 1st,
2018 of your intentions to
reserve for next season.
Thank you.
For accounting questions please
see Ginette at the office.

What’s Next ?

Winter Photo contest will
start in February. The vote will
be on Facebook page “Seasons
in the Sun Family”. Ask Bill,
Don or Jim for access. They are
the administrators of the page.

A Bob Ross Painting Class. We
received a proposal from Larry
Wiers, a Bob Ross certified oil
painting instructor. If you are
interested in participating in
this course, please register on
the sheet in the Clubhouse.

Garden Planters
The garden planters will be
ready in January. These are
yours. Enjoy to plant, care,
and harvest your favorite
aromatic plant, veggies or
flowers. If you want to help in
the garden planters, please
complete a Garden Club Signup sheet located on the
bulletin board in the
Clubhouse. Thank you.

Clubhouse Lawn Guidelines
You have probably noticed the
« Keep Off Grass » sign. This
applies to golf carts only.
There is plenty of space at the
back of the Clubhouse for
parking golf carts.

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