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32 Sq. Des Anciennes Provinces, 49000 ANGERS, FRANCE
Telephone: +(33)(0)2 41 45 20 79 • Mobile: +(33)(0)7 50 41 06 43 •

- Technical internship in the biomedical engineering Educations & Qualifications

Studying in engineering , ESEO, ANGERS
Preparing a Master of General Engineering (communication, management, new technologies, sciences)

Preparatory class - PCSI/PSI, ESEO, ANGERS
A two-year post High School Graduation course in Mathematics and Physics

Saint Martin High School, ANGERS
High School Graduation in Sciences with specialization in Mathematics

Work Experience

Seasonal employement - Since 2014, NOZ, destocking company
Worked as a production operator : Preparing orders and checking product standards
Skills: to be a team player, organized, handle difficult situations with efficiency and anticipation.

Job Shadowing - 1 week, Constellium Aviatube, aeronautical products manufacturer
Financial and accounting services: Observation of the software schedule and accounting

Job Shadowing – 2 days, Thomson ANGERS, electronical products manufacturer
IT service : Observation of the organization of the network and the storage of the data
Product quality service: Observation of the quality tests and evaluation criteria

Additional Information

Training on project Management:

French: mother tongue
English: Good - spoken, reading, listening, writing

Fundamentals of management and organization

Community work within ESEO:
Knowledge of Python, Java, Language C

Induction seminar - looking for sponsors
Photo Club
- photographer
Gala Club
- procurement and decoration

Electronics skills:


Analog, switching electronics and signal processing

I enjoy to practise Hip-hop and taking pictures as well

Computing skills:

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