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NEVER reproduce , copy, sell or claim any of my works without my permission (oral and written)

ALWAYS credit me for all uses of one of my works that you ordered. With my nickname Ka0rii and a link (twitter: / facebook: / twitch:

Cancellation or rejection of a commission may be made (refunds will be granted)

Do not order a commission without having the funds ready.

The progress of your commission will be available via a live on:, a notification will be sent to you to warn you.

I have the full right to post your completed commission on my social networks.

Digital commissions will be sent in PNG format. No possibility of physical sending. For other formats additional fees will be added.

NO traditional commission will be sent.

I start working on a commission as soon as I receive the payment via Paypal.

I try to put a deadline of realization of a week by commission, if delay I will contact you.

If you want shorter deadlines, additional fees will be added.

I will not draw the artistic style of another person. Go ask this artist a commission instead.

I will not draw commissions with obscene, sexual and erotic characters.


I only accept payments via Paypal.

The prices are in no case negotiable and the currency used: Euros only.

Payments must be made in full for amounts less than 200 Euros. Amounts greater than 200 Euros: payment methods are available, ½ at the beginning of the
commission and ½ at the end before final delivery.

A bill can be issued if requested in Excel format.

I will not start until I receive the payment first.

DO NOT PAY ME without prior exchange and my agreement. If the agreement is given, the payment must be made within 48h otherwise your order will be
considered as canceling.


Contact me by private message on Discord> Name / Surname and / or Nickname, your request, have taken into account the charter
and certify as "read and accepted".

The type of commission (See the table below)

Provide a summary of your minimum demand 5 details related to the project.

If a specific pose provide an example.

A particular expression desired provide an example .

Price Colors

Price B&W

- Badge Twitch :

72/72 px - 25 ko

12 Euros

8 Euros

- Emote Twitch :

112/112 px - 25 ko

12 Euros

8 Euros

A4 Dimensions - 600 DPI 4961 Pixels7016

80 Euros

50 Euros

3000px max 600 dpi

30 Euros

15 Euros

180/180 px -

20 Euros

10 Euros

- Avatar Twitter :

400/400 px - 100Kb

20 Euros

10 Euros

- Avatar Youtube :

800/800 px -

20 Euros

10 Euros

- Fanart :
- Avatar Chibi
- Avatar Facebook :

- Avatar Twitch :

10 Mo max

20 euros

10 Euros

- Bannière Facebook :

820/310 px - 100Kb

35 Euros

20 Euros

- Bannière Twitter :

1500/600 px - 10Mb

35 Euros

20 Euros

- Bannière Youtube :


35 Euros

20 Euros

-Bannière Twitch :

Format 16:9

35 Euro

20 Euros

- Other Size :

3 Euros

- Express Deadline :

5 Euros

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