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Victory at Sea had a humble beginning as a bare-bones set of free rules in Mongoose Publishing’s Signs and Portents online
magazine. That initial free rules set proved to be popular and led to the development of the core rulebook, which was an
immediate success. A loyal international fan base developed as Victory at Sea quickly earned itself a place as one of the ‘standards’
of World War II naval wargaming. The rulebook covered the basics of naval warfare in all theatres, but only so much would fit
within its pages.
This supplement is an expansion for Victory at Sea. Changes for some of the rules and stat blocks from the original rulebook
have been made in an attempt to increase historical accuracy. Player concerns that have come up on Mongoose Publishing’s
online forum have been addressed as well. New rules are introduced to cover many aspects of WWII naval combat that were not
addressed in the core rulebook and air combat has been expanded and, of course, there are new ships. With the expanded fleet
lists, players have the resources to play any historical battle as well as the option to build better fleets for ‘what if ’ games.


This book was a collaborative effort that couldn’t have been done without the input of the original Salty Seadogs playtest group.
Many thanks to David Manley and Rich Bax, whose fleet lists form a large portion of this book. I would be remiss not to thank
Agis Neubauer as well for his excellent work on the German Z-Plan ships. The newer playtesters proved their worth; Dan Martz
and Darell Phillips gave many suggestions and often acted as my ‘conscience’ when I wanted to blow through a rule in order to
get to the next one, and I received good feedback from the other new guys. My personal gaming group at Game Towne in San
Diego deserves mention - thanks ‘dudes’. Thanks to Matthew Sprange for giving me the opportunity to work on this project, and
to my wife Amber for putting up with my occasional loud rants while putting it all together.

Jean-Louis FAUCHON (order #5116343)