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Introducing Fab Couture, your one-stop online destination for ordering
handpicked fabrics from the comfort of your home!

Driven by diverse culture of India, our collections owe their origin to vibrant
and beautiful heritage of our country. We offer wide variety of handpicked
designer fabrics, designed exclusively for YOU. Select your choice of fashion
fabrics from huge variety of Woven & Knitted - Jacquards, Dobby, Chikan,
Chiffon, Georgette, Satin, Brocade, Net, Crepe, Chanderi, Cotton, Viscose,
Polyester, Nylon and blends; all elegantly made by skilful weavers and
embroiders of our country. We stand true to India’s heritage and offer unique
fabrics hailing from various parts of country’s history yet designed for the
modern era!

We offer fabric by the metre, giving you the freedom to mix-n-match and design
your exclusive dress for an affordable price. We cater to retail as well as
wholesale demands. We have ongoing discounts on selected fabrics across the
website. Visit various product sections to take advantage of the best prices
available on this site!

Stand apart and create your style statement with exclusive fabrics from Fab
Are you looking for anything specific and unable to find it on our website? We
take up custom fabric orders to fulfill your specific requirements.

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