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The Report of the Grand Prix
of Literary Associations 2015
has just been released by the
GPLA Team. This is an excerpt
from the introduction:
“This document is a Report
on the winners’ designation
procedures of the third
edition of the GPLA. And as
usual, it is with great
satisfaction that we submit
these archives to the public,
and therefore show our
concern for the transparency
and the objectivity that
characterize the Contest.
The GPLA "Report" is
becoming by itself a tradition,
an event we can be proud of,
since it keeps on playing its
part, both lightening the
public about our methods
and archiving the GPLA
documents that throughout
the years will surely gain
some historical significance.

Here comes the report of the third edition (GPLA 2015), after the successive ones of the first and second editions, respectively released in January 2016 and January 2017. It is in this
third edition that for the very first time an author from a country other than Cameroon found himself crowned in one of the two categories open to contemporary authors (Research
and Belles-Lettres). The Congolese novelist of the DRC Fiston Mwanza Mujila was indeed declared Winner of the Grand Prix des Belles-Lettres for his work entitled “Tram 83”, with
six out of ten votes. Jacques Fame Ndongo, the author of “Essai sur la sémiotique d’une civilisation en mutation”, won his trophee in the Research category with seven out of ten
votes. Both results have nothing to do with the very tight scores of the GPLA 2014, where there was a tie in both categories, and where we had to refer to the single voice of the
President of the Jury to decide who amongst the final competitors deserved the most to be enthroned.”

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