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The guardian angel of Cambidian children
Trials endured by Kattiamoni during her childhood in Cambodia naturally
designated her to become the ideal ambassador for underprivileged children in
Siem Reap and to become the president of the NGO United For Cambodian
Indeed, the life of this little girl from an influential and wealthy family, has
dramatically changed on April 17th, 1975, day of the taking of Phnom Penh by the
Khmers Rouges and beginning of a reign of terror that would decimate more than
three millions Cambodians.
After overcoming the abominable living conditions imposed by Pol Pot's men, she
managed to flee to Vietnam and then to Europe. There, she had to relearn
freedom, happiness and forgiveness.
After years of reconstruction, today more than ever, Kattiamoni wants to help the
children of his country through the United For Cambodian Children's NGO, by
offering them access to education and an conducive environment for building a
decent future for the next generations.

Kattiamoni HUY
President of
United For Cambodian Children’s.