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Educating a child in love
‘’…If a child lives in injustice, he learns to condemn. If a child lives in hostility, he learns to
fight. If a child lives in shame, he learns to feel guilty. If a child lives in tolerance, he learns
patience. If a child lives in encouragement, he learns trust. If a child lives in praise, he
learns gratefulness. If a child lives in equity, he learns the meaning of justice. If a child
lives in approval, he learns to love himself. If a child lives in friendship and acceptance, he
learns to find Love...
The word "Progress" makes no sense as long as there are unhappy children. Please, let us
help each other, so that the world of tomorrow can be better... "This is the message from
Dorothy Law Nolte, inspired by the UN Convention on Child’s Rights, that I want to pass on
and that motivates my actions and my involvment with the Cambodia children…’’.
- Kattia Huy
President of United For Cambodian Children’s