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KoW World Cup 2018 Clash of Kings France 2018

Welcome to the KoW World cup 2018 rules pack. You will find here all the information you
need to prepare for this International event that will take place in Angoulême.
It is first of all an initiative of the community of the players Kings of war. Some enthusiasts who want
to give an international scale to the competitions of KoW in France.
But it is also Mantic and VictoriaGame (Mantic France) who collaborates to the organization. All this
under the look of Mantic UK.

We wish to make the KoW World Cup tournament one of the biggest Kings of War event.
Organizers (AAJH) have already successfully organized tournaments gathering more than 100

You will have the opportunity to prove your worth through a series of challenging games
against players from all over the world. Do not forget sportsmanship and cheerfulness
though, as turning opponents into friends is one of the best part of Mantic hobby.
A French/English document will be given to all players with all details required to make it
through the week-end.

This event will take place over the weekend of 21st-22nd of July 2018, in the South West of
France in the city of Angoulême
Salle de Lunesse – Rue Paul Murat – 16000 ANGOULEME
Close to the tournament you’ll find many accomodations:
- hotels / restaurants…
Angoulême is ideally located for tourism if you wish to take advantage of your venue to visit
From Paris.
Paris can easily be reached by plane. From Paris, you may easily get a TGV train at the Gare
Montparnasse station. It will allow you to cover the distance to Angoulême within 2 hours
for 50 to 100 euros.
From Bordeaux
Bordeaux is served by the international Bordeaux Mérignac airport.
Angoulême can be reached from Bordeaux by coach or train.

One entry ticket is required to play in the Tournament.
Price: 40€. Entry tickets will be available until may the 1st.
Tickets are available from Eric Hornoy, chief organizer.
On your mail, precise in the top of the subject “World Cup KoW 2018”
Your ticket covers all the games on the weekend, breakfasts and noon lunch on both days.

Noon Lunches for friends: 10€
Any questions:

3 competitions in the same time: individual players / team / painting
We will award our unique Clash of Kings trophy to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place players.
The winner will have the honor of being the first world Champion for 2018!

VictoriaGame (Mantic France) makes a commitment to finance the transport of the winner
for the future intercontinental tournament at the level of 1000€ maximum.

We will also reward the 3 first team of 4 players with the best results. The players of a
same team will not play against each other during during rounds 1,2,3 and 4. The
team coming first will also have the honor of being the first world ChampionTeam for


We will also award the player with the Best Looking Mantic Army. We will appraise
the painting (techniques and basing), the global theme and the conversions. To
qualify for this award you need to make sure that at least 90% of your army is made
up of Mantic miniatures, based on model count.


A special trophy will be granted to the Best looking Army, whatever the origin of the

Players must be aged 14 or over. Any player under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an
adult (playing or non-playing) who will be in charge for him.
In addition to your armies and copies of your army roster, you need to make sure that you
bring the following:
• All dice, tape-measures, rule-books, damage markers, pencils and other gaming accessories
that you will need. Make your damage tracking method clear to your opponents. Please
bring dice that are clear to read for both you and your opponents.
• You will need a chess clock, stop-watch, phone or other similar time-tracking
• It will be a good idea to have your units mounted on unit bases or movement trays – if you
insist on moving all the models in a Zombie Legion individually, you’ll eventually run out of
time! Footprints must match the type and size of the units, as per defined in the rulebook.
• Having a large tray to carry your army between games is a great way of keeping the
tournament moving smoothly and in a timely fashion.

We believe that a big part of the pleasure of the hobby is about using wonderfully painted
miniatures to play wargames.
Nothing beats that moment when you see you force lined up for battle, then your
eyes look over at your opponent’s troops and you start to think about how you can be
The better those armies and the scenery look, the better we enjoy the game experience.
Both miniature companies and hobbyists invest a lot of time and money to make their games
a unique experience. We believe that our premium events are about showing off and
celebrating this great effort.
'We however recognize the work achieved by the rule-committee in the 2018 CoK Organized
Play supplement to provide a more balanced game experience. This is why we include these
few rules in the prestige events that we run. Remember that these extra-rules are just for
this specific organized event. When you are at home or with your club, please enjoy the
game however you want – it’s your hobby time.
Please, note that these rules are in addition to the basic army composition rules from the
base book. As a consequence, make sure that your army meet composition requirements
from both the base rulebook and those below.

• Your Force List must be chosen from one of the official army lists noted below, and allies
are allowed:
• From the main rulebook: Elves; Orcs; Dwarfs; Kingdoms of Men; Abyssal Dwarfs; Undead;
Goblins; Twilight Kin*, Ogres, Basileans, Forces of Nature and Forces of the Abyss.
• From Uncharted Empires: The Brotherhood, Salamanders, The Herd, The League of
Rhordia, The Trident Realms of Nertica, The Empire of Dust, Night-stalkers, Ratkin and
• Unique individuals, or “Living Legends” (i.e. those marked with a [1] after their name in the
list) can be included in tournament armies, but not in any allied
• You can use the Heroes from the Destiny of Kings - Campaign Supplement book, P. 47.

• You can use the Heroes and other units from the Edge of the Abyss – Campaign
Supplement book. Formations from this book may not be used.

• You can use the Heroes and other units from the Clash of Kings 2018 Supplement book.
Formations from this book can be used ! Nothing may be used from the 2017 supplement.

• The Twilight Kin army list is available for download from the Mantic web site.
• Historical armies are allowed!


• You can spend up to 2,000 points on your army (and no more) using the standard rules of Army
Composition in the Kings of War 2015 ‘version 2’ rulebook.
• The Maximum Duplicates rule “SPAM3” applies, meaning that you cannot have more than 3
instance of the same unit regardless of its size or options.
Example 1: if you have a troop of shieldwall, a regiment of shieldwall and a horde of shieldwall, you
could not add a forth unit of shieldwall.
Example 2: if you have 3 necromancers all with a different spells combination, you could not add a
forth necromancer.
The following sections from the Clash of Kings 2018 Supplement will be used:
• Formations
• New Units
• Amended Artefacts, New Artefacts and New Spells

• Scenarios
NOTE: As per the Clash of Kings 2018 Supplement the following artefacts are amended:
• Brew of Keen-eyeness
• Ensorcelled Armour
• Medallion of Life
Nothing may be used from the 2017 supplement.

• Allies are allowed. You can take 25% of your total army. It allows you to take 25% of
2000pts, that is to say 500points in allies. It includes all options chosen for your allies.

• The Maximum Duplicates rule “SPAM1” applies for allies, meaning that you can not duplicate the
same ally unit.
• Allied units cannot take Artefacts at all.

Historical armies have to respect the general restrictions (Spam3) and specific ones.
Some specific rules will be applied for historical army:
-You must select a Theme (you cannot make your army list directly from the master list)
-Mythical units are not allowed
-Mercenaries will follow the maximum duplicates rule “SPAM3”.

For historical armies, you must have humans models to represent your army (for example, romans
gobelins or mongols elves are not allowed).

Fan-lists are considered unofficial and may not be used.


Players are allowed to play as much non-mantic miniatures as they want. You may even run a totally
non-Mantic army if you wish. However, please remember that the special “painting price” will be
awarded to an army which includes at least 90% of mantic miniatures (Units, monsters, and heroes
who do not have official miniatures will not be counted in the total).
Miniatures will have to be based correctly. Fillers are authorized if they respect the official footprint.
Miniatures have to be painted with at least 3 colors.
If a miniature is used as count as, it must be clearly explicated to your opponent at the start of the
If ever a unit is not clearly recognizable, the organization keep the right to judge it and withdraw the
unit from the army
To avoid any problem the day of the event, fell free to send photos to this address.

While we will not refuse a player because of unpainted models, we wish to encourage everyone to
arrive with good looking army. In order to valuate the effort provided by people who align a painted
army, the following rule will apply:
All models in an army should be painted in at least 3 colors. All model (or unit)
bases should be painted and/or finished with basing material. Players meeting these minimum
requirements will start the event with 20 TPs. Players not meeting these requirements will start with
0 TPs.

You are required to submit a copy of your army roster to the organizers at the start of the tournament
in French and in English. You must also have at least one copy for yourself and another for your
opponents. Using a program or list-builder application to create and print out your sheet is often the
best option (just make sure there is no mistake in the application database).
Some examples

In French:
In English:
If ever two identical units have different options/ artefacts, you have to find a way to make them
recognizable on the table. It must also appear in your force list.
If translating a roster in french is a problem, you can send us your roster in English and we will
translate it before the event. But you have to send us the army roster at least one week before the
Any doubts:

• All of the models/units in your army.
• The equipment and the points value of everything in your army.
• Your name
Please do not use acronyms on any copy of your army roster. If any mistake is found during the
tournament, the results of all the games in which the player has used the illegal list will immediately
be changed to 20-0 Tournament points in favour of their opponents. This will apply even if the
mistake was a totally honest one, so please do triple-check your army roster before the tournament.
If you are unsure of your army roster, please feel free to submit it to the tournament organizers prior
to the event for checking.

The tournament consists of six games played over the course of the weekend (3 games on Saturday
and 3 on Sunday). Players will make use of chess clocks or other time-tracking devices in order to play
timed games. Each player has 60 minutes available to play each game, including deployment.

The tournament will take place over two days and will use the following schedule:
Note that the time allocated for each game includes 130 minutes, 120 minutes for the game itself (60
minutes per player maximum) plus 10 minutes for meeting, discussing rules and the completing and
submitting the paperwork afterwards.
We may update this timeline if things are running behind (or ahead!) schedule

• 8:30-09:45 Venue opens,
event registration
• 09:45-10:00 Briefing
• 10:00-12:10 Game 1
• 12:10-13:30 Lunch
• 13:30-15:40 Game 2
• 15:40-16:00 Break
• 16:00-18:10 Game 3
• 9:45-10:00 Briefing
• 10:00-12:10 Game 4
• 12:10-13:30 Lunch & Best
Army Judging
• 13:30-15:40 Game 5
• 15:40-16:00 Break
• 16:00-18:10 Game 6
• 18:30 Awards Ceremony

Game Sequence
The scenario for each game will be chosen randomly from the scenarios in the Clash of Kings
Organized Play book 2018, and announced by the organizer at the start of each game.
• Meet your opponent at the table and discuss the terrain and how you will treat
it during the game. Use the terrain as it is laid out on the table. Place any objective markers, and
finally roll-off for table side. Players should discuss before the game how they will deal with cocked
dice and in what circumstances they should be re-rolled.
To avoid any difficulties, a map of the terrain will be placed next to all tables.
• Sit on your own side of the table and place you army on your side of the table, so your opponent
can see your army and your force list and ask any questions.
• The player who choose his side place its first unit. Then the player’s clock is started.
Players alternate setting units up using the clock as described in the Timed Games section of the
Kings of War rules. Once the last unit is set-up, both clocks are stopped.
• Roll-off to decide who is going to start making Vanguard moves. Once the winner of the roll off
decides who will start to move Vanguard units, that player’s clock IS STARTED. Players alternate
making any Vanguard moves using the clock. Once the last Vanguard move is made, both clocks are
• Roll-off to decide who is going to take the first turn. Once the winner of the roll off decides who will
start to play, that player’s clock IS STARTED. Players alternate taking turns using the clock.
• The game lasts 12 turns (each player taking 6 turns). At the end of turn 12,
one person rolls a die. On a 1-3 the game ends. On a 4-6 both players play an extra turn and then the
game ends – work out the winner as normal.
• If a player runs out of time, they must immediately put their dice down and make no further dice
rolls for the rest of the game. If there are any unresolved combats, then all charging units bounce
back 1” as if failing to rout the enemy unit. During the remainder of the game, that player may not
issue any orders or roll any dice, including for rules such as Regeneration. The timed-out player will
also receive a -2 tournament point penalty.

The match-ups of the first round (Game 1) will be random. From the second game, players will be
paired using a Swiss system (i.e. matching teams on the same amount of TPs, in descending order).
Once players have completed their game in a given round they should jointly complete the result
sheet provided and hand it in to the tournament organisers as soon as possible so that the next
rounds can be organised in time.
In the case of more than two players on the same number of TPs, players will be matched in order of
descending Victory Point Total.

During tournament, we wild do our best to avoid 2 players playing each other twice but it
can become unavoidable.
The players of a same team will not play against each other during during rounds 1,2,3 and 4.

After a game the points will be assigned as below: 20points a game. Tournament points will depend
on scenarios. The more objective markers you catch, the more points you’ll get…

It will depend on each scenario.
Victory 15pts / Draw 10pts / Lost 5points
The 5 remaining points will depend on the scenarios (cf annex).


The player winner is designated at the end of the last game (game 6), according to the
following criteria:
• The winner is the player with the most TPs
• In the case of players having the same highest TPs, the winner will be the person with the highest
‘Attrition Score’.
• If both the TP and Attrition Scores are matched, games where these players have played each other
during the course of the tournament will be evaluated and the winner will be the winner of such a
match (based on result and then Attrition scores for that game).
• Finally, if we still cannot identify a winner, the tournament ends with a joint victory and the players
share the first prize.

The winning team is designated at the end of the last game (game 6), according to the following
• The winner is the team with the most TPs, by adding the 4 individual scores.
• In the case of teams having the same highest TPs, the winner will be the team with the highest
Attrition Score’.
• Finally, if we still cannot identify a winner, the tournament ends with a joint victory and the teams
share the first prize.

Please note the following points. There will also be a brief at the start of the event to cover
everything else you need to know.

There are no sportsmanship scores at this tournament. We expect all games to be played in an
enjoyable manner.
We feel that all players should be fair and respectful to their opponents, displaying a fun and
inclusive attitude to the game for themselves and their opponents.

Rules, questions and player Conduct
As noted, all rules will be taken from the Kings of War 2015 rulebook. In addition, any official FAQ
rulings and errata from Mantic Games (published on the website or official forums) will also be used.
Please note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking your opponent if they can show you
the appropriate rule or set of characteristics so that you can check for yourself that everything is
being done correctly. All we require is that you ask nicely and politely, and that you do your best to
sort out any problems yourself. If in doubt, the organizers are available to resolve your problem.
Please also respect the time that each player has. If a question cannot be answered quickly, please
stop the clock until the answer or a solution is decided upon.
Judges will be on hand if you require a ruling. Your judges for the event will be pointed out at the
start of the day. A judge’s ruling is final. Maybe we shall have to modify /to adapt certain points of the
pack of rules, it will be also indisputable.
The organizers reserve the right to take appropriate action for anybody they deem to be playing
unfairly or acting inappropriately. This may be in the form of a warning, a time or TP penalty or even a
forced Time Out result. In extreme circumstances a player may be excluded from the event for
inappropriate behavior (such as cheating, excessive swearing, shouting or verbal abuse).

For any questions:

If ever Mantic release an official faq changing scenarios, rules, units…. like the Supplement Book CoK
2017, we keep the possibility to authorize them or not until the last day.

If one player feels discomfort with the amount of spectators present at their table,
they may request them to step aside. When this happens, a referee will ask everyone around to step
away from the table.

As noted previously, players will be given enough time to play a full game of Kings of War and enough
time to hand in results. In order to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly, TP penalties (2 points)
may be given to players that report battle results after the scheduled time is over at the tournament
organizer’s discretion. This penalty will always affect both players.

In addition to the normal game rules and the tournament rules detailed above, the following from
the Clash of Kings Organized Play book 2018 will be in effect for all games played on the weekend:

New units / new heroes / new artefacts / new scenarios / new rules …

In order to give a little something special to this competition, we grant a special reroll for any one
dice in every game. Only 1 by game !
It can be a dice already rerolled (for example in a nerve test).

THANK YOU TO Eric, Rachid, Kardis, Taopaillepaille, Chapelier, Olivier, Thibault, Cedric, the
mantic French community forum… AND ALL THE GUYS I FORGET


The following sections from the Clash of Kings 2018 Supplement will be used:

• New rules and Unit changes p29-35
• Formations p 38-49
• New Units p50-59
• Amended Artefacts p61
• New Artefacts p61-62
• New Spells p62-63
• Scenarios p65-72
NOTE: As per the Clash of Kings 2018 Supplement the following artefacts are amended:
• Brew of Keen-eyeness
• Ensorcelled Armour
• Medallion of Life
Clash of Kings 2017 Supplement
Nothing may be used from the 2017 supplement.

Scenarios and tournament points:
The 5 remaining points will depend exclusively of the scenario: objective markers, loots, etc…
You’ll get the details before the tournament.

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