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College of Criminal Justice
Department: Sharia & Law
Study Title: E-Arbitration in Saudi regime
Student: Fatimah Ali Al-Maghthawi
Advisor: D. Abdullah Mohammed Rababa'a
Research Problem: The problem is reflected in the study the following question:
(What's authoritative arbitration -mail in the implementation of the provisions in the
Saudi regime and the Algerian law?)

Study Methodology and Tools: the researcher trying to trace his way scientific
descriptive approach that combines inductive and deductive methods, and systems based
on Saudi Arabia and interpretive regulations, and its contents from the decisions of
relevance compared to Algerian law.

The Most Important Results:
1. That the arbitration despite several labels unit topic, arbitration is named mail
interview appeared the emergence of modern technology and economic progress, it
is no different from traditional arbitration, except through means which are made by
the arbitration proceedings.
2. That shows the health of the hybrid theory in determining the nature of the earbitration, and that arbitration was decided not to undergo any national law starting
from the end of the arbitration agreement and by virtue of the arbitration is the most
suitable and best theories appropriate for arbitration mail.
3. Saudi arbitration system that was given to arbitration in accordance with the
procedures of this system Authentic res judicata.

The Most Important Recommendations:
1. The need to develop a list of clear and accurate reveal the mystery and help to
implement the provisions of the rules
2. Stakeholders in the preparation of the draft provisions of this regulation harmony
and detailed and explanatory material with the goals and objectives of the issuance
of the arbitration system is the most important abreast of the developments.
3. Work to provide legal protection and technological (electronic) transactions
conducted through the Internet and promote it and develop it and should use modern
techniques and sophisticated to keep the physical presence of the editors of
electronic and electronic signature.