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Mums & Babes Pte Ltd was started with a passion to provide a one stop
ecosystem for parents and their little ones to visit. We know parenthood can
seem tough at times and we aim to be your helping hand along the way.

Its unique, multi-position bassinet (the only one that is
certified as a bassinet, a seat, and a bouncer), is an ideal
solution for newborns. On the stroller, the bassinet
instantly converts from lying totally flat to a forward-facing
seated position. On the ground, on its support, it can either
be used as a bassinet or a bouncer.

SmarTrike Ski Scooter Z5 Pink
SmarTrike® is the world’s leading baby tricycle brand with
millions of trikes sold every year. SmarTrike® introduced the
first ever baby tricycle that had an easily steerable parent
handle that enabled parents to steer and control the trike.

I-ANGEL Mesh – Black
Quality-control manufactured in South Korea, i-Angel has
always maintained the utmost importance upon the safety
and stability of the baby. Beginning with its market entry
into the Japanese market in 2009

Best Christmas presents for the little ones
This full sized magnetic board direct from Korea, has been features in the
Return of Superman and numerous other shows in Asia. The board promotes
independent learning and eases your child into hand eye coordination training
as well as fun in education.
Our little baby model thoroughly enjoyed herself in our Naif Milk Bath, the
brand has roots in Europe as has been a popular choice among parents for the
past few years. Gentle and effective, it leaves baby (and mummy) happy and

Our first outlet was opened in early 2001 in Novena Square, situated in the
esteem Thomson area. With growing customers demand for more variety of
products, we expanded to a larger outlet at the current United Square.
Subsequently we realized the convenience of a new hassle-free shopping for
parents, we thus ventured online to meet the demands of parents who are now
able to browse all their maternity and baby need without leaving the comforts
of their own homes. We rebranded the online store in October 2016 to create a
smoother shopping experience, provide greater variety of brands and products
loved by parents around the world.


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