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The first references to Evran as a village date back to 1156 and during its rich history it has grown in
importance and wealth. The local ‘Chateau de Beaumanoir’ has been listed as an historic monument
since 1965 and the area is renowned for its beautiful stone, ‘Pierre de Faluns’ which originates from
the ancient sea of Faluns which covered the area 15 million years ago and which has been used
widely as a local building material.
The town is well positioned, just 5 minutes from the main route between Saint Malo and Rennes and
so is midway between the coast and the Capital of Brittany. Airports at both Dinard and Rennes
provide easy access and the nearest major train station providing links to major cities is in Dinan just
10km away.
The town has a dynamic commercial centre with shops, services and local craftsmen all being
available. In addition there are a number of local associations offering sporting, leisure and cultural
Well served for education the town has nursery, elementary and a secondary school, and options for
high schools and higher education are all available close by in Dinan.
Evran is surrounded by rolling countryside, offering numerous trails and walking paths so is ideal as a
base for anyone who enjoys walking, horse riding, cycling and even boating.
Close by is the outside recreational area of Bétineuc , Saint-André des Eaux which offers a supervised
swimming lake, picnic areas and facilities for sailing, canoeing, mini-golf and sports courses. The site
also hosts several fund raising and cultural festivals each year.
The area has a colourful Gallo-Roman history and is home to a Roman Villa at Le Quiou and one of
the most important archaeological sites in Brittany set on 2.5 hectares of preserved land with history
dating back over 2000 years.

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