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Acne is caused by hormones, oily skin, and bacteria which can result in
inflammation of hair follicles, the pores in the skin where your hair
grows. Acne could be characterized by different types of abnormal
growths. They can all vary in size and how severe they look, some
types of acne go deeper into the skin than others do for example,
blackheads are open comedone, whiteheads are closed comedones.
The pimple is an inflamed closed comedone and are usually raised
solid bumps. On the surface of the bumps they contain the pus. If the
pimple is deeper, more firm and it contains pus it is called nodules.
Lastly cysts are large pockets containing pus.​ ​Sometimes even larger,
deeper pockets containing pus are called abscesses. Both the cysts and
abscesses are pus-filled pockets, but the abscesses are sometimes
larger and deeper. The sebaceous glands which secrete an oily
substance, sebum, lie in the middle layer of skin, these glands are
attached to the hair follicle. Sebum also with the dead skin cells,
passes up from the sebaceous gland and hair follicle and then it goes
out to the surface of the skin through the pores creating a type of