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responsibility to conduct due diligence – and in the occupied territory this involves enhanced
due diligence (see para. 37 above) – entails taking active steps to identify and assess any
actual or potential adverse human rights impacts made as a result of business relationships.
Furthermore, in its report, the fact-finding mission stated that business enterprises
conduct their activities in the settlements with “the full knowledge of the current situation
and the related liability risks” and “contribute to their maintenance, development and
consolidation” (A/HRC/22/63, para. 97).

V. Recommendations
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights urges all businesses
with which OHCHR has been or may be in contact in carrying out its mandate under
Human Rights Council resolution 31/36 to cooperate with OHCHR with a view to
engaging in constructive dialogue.
The High Commissioner acknowledges with appreciation the extension granted
by the Human Rights Council for OHCHR to implement the mandate under resolution
31/36. Recognizing that this was the first time OHCHR has been tasked with such a
mandate, the High Commissioner is satisfied that significant progress has been made.
However, while the dialogue with concerned business enterprises is continuing, the
work remains ongoing. For the High Commissioner to update the database as required
by resolution 31/36, more resources are required.