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Take Back Your Privacy Best Top Secret VPN .pdf

Nom original: Take_Back_Your_Privacy_Best_Top_Secret_VPN.pdf
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Identity Cloaker is the top advanced IP Cloaker
software anywhere
Don't become a victim.
Do you know what people can do with your information?
It happens to people of interest in Hollywood. It could happen to
All of us leave a trail of information. When you use the Internet
you leave a trace, a digital shadow. Your computer and websites
log all your personal information, username, password, credit
card numbers, and address that is valuable to a hacker to sell or
auction in the internet to the highest bidder. Let's not forget the
embarrassing pictures and videos. With all this information they
could own your life or your credit score, which is basically your
life. To them you are just a number.
If your life depended on the security and privacy of your Internet
connection, would you trust what you are using now? Or would
you prefer the same security the U.S. Government uses for all
communication classified as TOP SECRET?
Identity Cloaker offers:
✓ AES-256 cipher = virtually unbreakable
✓ Hide your IP Address, surf anonymously
✓ 12 Countries
✓ 31 Servers
✓ 534+ IP Address
✓ IPsec, OpenVPN
✓ Very fast speeds over secure network
✓ Torrents and other P2P protocols are allowed
✓ FREE Demo version or 10-day small fee TRIAL access
✓ NO obligation, NO contracts, cancel at any time
✓ Money Back Guarantee

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a symmetric block
cipher chosen by the U.S. Government to protect classified
information and is implemented in software and hardware
throughout the world to encrypt sensitive data.

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Our 100% Satisfaction, Fair Deal Guarantee:
You have nothing to lose. If at any time in the first 14 days after your initial order you
feel that you do not need our services, or that the quality of our product does not meet
your expectations, simply let us know and your order will be promptly refunded, no
questions asked.


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