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Rain according to the Torah, the Bible, the Koran, you, and me.
"The measuring force of the rains is as powerful as the full force of the creation of the world."
The notions of force and creation are evoked, we will know what strength it is and that its measurement is much more powerful than our
understanding of precipitation.
1- "He makes the lightning shine and the rain falls in abundance (Jeremiah 13)".
We will know why this intimate relationship between lightning and rain is evoked.
2- "His lightnings announce the rain (Martin Bible)".
Who says lightning says rain.
3- "He makes lightnings for the rain (Darby Bible)".
Lightning for the formation of rain.
(Al-Hidjr 22)
- "And We sent the fruitful winds and brought down water from the sky."
Winds: These are ascending and descending air currents from where the opposition of mechanical forces, the air self-compresses)
Feces: Hydrogen fertilizes oxygen, water molecules are born).
Water: these water molecules once born form clouds and condensation, it rains).
(An-Naba 14)
- "And we poured water from the compressions"
The compressions due to the opposition of two mechanical forces (ascending and descending air currents) that generate friction, agitations,
heat causing the ionization of positively and oxygen negatively oxygen.
1-By action of the sun, heat turns water into vapor, an invisible gas suspended in the air (evaporation). From liquid → to gas
2-The water vapor (H2O compound body) rises, cools and turns into tiny drops of water (condensation) that combine to form clouds. From
gas → to liquid
3-The clouds accumulate on the reliefs, pushed by the wind; the temperature cools; cloud water then falls in the form of rain (precipitation),
snow or hail, depending on the temperature.
Note: here lightning and thunder do not have their reason for being.
1- Water or water vapor is decomposed by the action of ultraviolet radiation during its journey in H2 and O free, we can not speak of steam
2- the opposition of two forces, that of ascending and descending air currents generates a compression from where agitation, friction and
heat, the hydrogen is ionized positively and the oxygen negatively and the two gases combine in a true explosive chemical reaction
(synthesis of water H2 + O → H2O), which says explosion says electric spark, the molecules thus born form the clouds and by condensation,
it rains.
"lightning + thunder + rain = one operation"
water vapour

3- Opposition mechanical forces 4- Ionization
of upward and downward drafts H2 →(2H+)+2éˉ
O+2éˉ → Oˉˉ

5-Explosive synthesis
( 2H+)+2éˉ+ O → H2O

6- Condensation
7- Rain

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