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Digital Marketing

Growing use of
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

is undoubtedly the

has created a great

fastest growing
segment in sales and

professionals in the


job market



help in ensuring that
the organization’s
Digital Marketing
activities are processoriented


Associate Level
The Digital Marketing Associate course is tailored to anyone interested in knowing various digital marketing
channels; learning key concepts in Digital Marketing; and gaining a basic understanding of the Digital
products or services.




The growing popularity of the Internet, smartphones, and digital media provides opportunities for a
also to come up with innovative business models where product demos, customer acquisition, and order
and business models using smartphones.

5 Résidence Citeaux
Avenue Mormal
59000 Lille, France

+33 6 65 52 70 69 (Europe)

Digital Marketing supports and interacts with all the other Aspects
of marketing such as Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research,
Corporate Sales, Branding & Advertising, and Retail Marketing. Not
other marketing activities.
Digital Marketing is essential for understanding all other aspects
of Marketing such as Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research,
Corporate Sales, Branding & Advertising, and Retail Marketing.
Sales and Marketing dollars typically follow where people spend the
most time – and previously, most advertising spend was in TV, Radio
and Print. However, since people have started spending more time
online or on their mobile phones, companies have started spending
activities. Big companies have huge teams managing company
websites, mobile apps, social media and all their Digital Marketing
activities. For small companies, Digital Marketing provides a better
Return on Investment (ROI) compared to traditional marketing. So,
Digital Marketing skills are mandatory for all Sales and Marketing
students and professionals.

a. A Brief History of Digital Marketing
b. Corporate Strategy Overview
c. Aspects of Sales and Marketing
d. Levels of Sales and Marketing Strategy
e. Marketing Strategy Overview
f. Digital Marketing Overview
2. Understand and Evaluate Digital Marketing
a. Understand Available DM Channels
b. Evaluate DM Channels
3. Plan and Develop DM Channels
a. Plan and Develop Website Channel
b.Plan and Develop Mobile Channel
c. Plan and Develop Social Media Channel
4. Optimize Website
a. Optimize Website for Reach
b. Optimize Website for Relationship
c. Optimize Website for Reputation

5. Optimize Mobile/Tablet/Devices
a. Optimize Mobile Site and App for Reach
b. Optimize Mobile Site and App for Relationship
c. Optimize Mobile Site and App for Reputation

a. Optimize Social Media for Reach
b. Optimize Social Media for Relationship
c. Optimize Social Media for Reputation
7. Other Important Elements of DM Channels
a. E-mail Marketing
b. Web Analytics
c. Search Marketing
d. Popular Social Media Platforms
f. Search Engine Optimization



55 hours of High Quality
2 Helpful Study Guides
52 Test questions
10 VMEdu Approved RCUs
2 Illustrative Case Studies


Multiple choice
40 questions
One mark awarded for each correct answer
No negative marks for incorrect answers
30 questions must be answered correctly to pass
60-minute duration
Online unproctored exam


Center for

5 Résidence Citeaux
Avenue Mormal
59000 Lille, France

Leadership and
Entrepreneurship Education
+33 6 65 52 70 69 (Europe)

Entrusted by 7,500+ companies

6. Optimize Social Media

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