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92000 PARIS
Phone : (+33) 6 34 28 40 03

Student in Fundamental and Quantitative Finance.
Looking for end-of-studies Financial Markets/Crypto
Market internship in Front/Middle office positions :


MASTER s Degree Financial Markets Engineering – Nancy
Deep knowledge of financial markets & assets (classic/derivatives), Stochastic Finance, Methods for Pricing,
Stochastic Finance & Modelling, Econometrics & Time-series, Financial applications (VBA), Multivariate
Analysis & Data mining (R), Asset management, Macroeconomics.
+ Options, Futures & other derivatives John HULL (fully read and worked)


BACHELOR + MASTER s Degree Corporate Finance/Financial markets – Business School of Pau
Courses based on CFA level 1 : Economics, Quantitative tools, Corporate finance and analysis, Equity &
Fixed income investment, Derivatives, Alternative investment, Portfolio management.
+ Consulting Finance/Development : Ratios analysis, Valuation, Mergers and Acquisitions.


BAC Scientific/BAC+1 - L1 Law (Metz)/BAC+2 - UTD Business and Marketing Technique (Metz)

Hard skills : Economics : Microeconomics ; Mechanisms of macroeconomics money and financial markets ; RBC-DSGE
modelling ; Tracking macroeconomic news (economic indicators, quarterly results)
Fundamental Finance : Financial analysis ; Structure & mechanisms of financial markets/indexes ; Equity
& fixed income Investments (industry-company analysis and securities valuation models) ; Deep
knowledge of financial assets (stocks, bonds, currencies, derivatives contracts as
Futures/Forwards/Swaps/Options/CDS/CDO), Portfolio management ; Knowledge in Funds, ETFs,
Alternative investments ; Regulation.
Quantitative Finance : Stochastic finance ; Pricing methods for derivatives (Binomial, Black&Scholes,
Monte-Carlo) ; Risk management/Hedging with derivatives ; Managing of Greeks ; Value-at-Risk estimation,
Volatility and correlation modelling ; Interest rate modelling ; Quantitative Portfolio Management (Risk,
Allocation, Strategies, Performances) ; Excel/VBA and financial applications in VBA ; Technical analysis.
Data analysis and modelling : Econometrics ; Statistical Regression analysis ; Time-series (ARDL,
Cointegration, GARCH) ; Exploratory data analysis and multivariate analysis (PCA, MFA, CCA, LDA, HAC) ;
Panel data analysis.

Languages : ENGLISH : Fluent (English for Finance mastered)
Computer : Applications : Excel/XLStat/PPT/Word mastered - Code : VBA et knoweldges in R, GretL, Stata

Professional Experiences
2016/4 months

Intern in Finance/International Development - External Consulting SMB (Pau - FR)
Ratios analysis ; Company valuation ; Business plan : market analysis, NPV; international prospecting.

2015/3 months

Intern in E-Marketing – MinTwist (web digital agency) (London – UK)
SEO (search engine optimisation), e-reputation, clients prospecting.

2014/4 months

Intern in Banking Client Advisor - Crédit Agricole (Maizières-lès-metz – FR)
Day-to-day processing of transactions, client advising (accounts opening/credit offering)

2012/2 months

Intern in Marketing - Excellentia (Luxembourg - LU)

201X/2-6 months Family-owned company of cleaning service - Net-Espace (FR) - Residential maintenance service

Interests: Trading (ProRealTime), financial markets, economic and financial news // Strong knowledges in cryptoassets
universe (private investor) // Computer, web, new techs // Online competitive and community gaming // Books (Financial
markets books/Trading books/Hugo/Bukowski) // TV (BFM Business, TV shows), Radio // Music (texts songs, rock)

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