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Universite Chouaib Doukkali
Faculte des Sciences
El Jadida
Groupe de Physique Th´
Laboratoire de Physique de la Mati`
ere Condens´

Sciences de la Mati`
ere Physique

Ahmed Jellal1

Mecanique Quantique 1
Quantum Mechanics: A fundamental theory of matter and energy that explains facts, which
previous physical theories were unable to account for. In particular the fact that energy is absorbed
and released in small, discrete quantities (quanta), and that all matter displays both wavelike and
particlelike properties, especially when viewed at atomic and subatomic scales. Quantum mechanics
suggests that the behavior of matter and energy is inherently probabilistic and that the effect of the
observer on the physical system being observed must be understood as a part of that system. Also
called quantum physics, quantum theory.