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+ 33 6 46 87 39 77
4 rue Auguste Comte 69002, Lyon, France

Student in Master in Science at emlyon business school looking for a six-month internship in
Marketing or Communication to use my skills in team work and project management and
make the most of my creativity and communication qualities.



Master Degree in Management, emlyon business school, Lyon, France. (3rd
business school in France in 2017)
Relevant courses: negotiation, entrepreneurship (one project of company
creation), marketing, corporate social responsibility
Classe Préparatoire, Lycée Stanislas, Paris, France. 2 years higher education
in preparation for the national competitive exams to leading Business Schools.
Baccalauréat Lycée Notre Dame de la Compassion, Pontoise, France
High school diploma in Science
Graduated with honours.

Employment Experience:

Private tuition in Maths and Spanish in Lyon, 3 students
 Focused on students’ weaknesses to help them progress
 Adopted a positive attitude to increase their confidence


Took care of an autistic child twice a week in Pontoise
 Identified other ways to communicate to be understood
 Used patience to be listened


1-month internship in accounts department at Clarins, Neuilly
 Ensured nothing has been lost during the company’s move
 Learned to complete a balance sheet with receipts on Excel


1-month internship in retail marketing and merchandising at Clarins, Neuilly
 Found visuals for the opening of a SPA in St Tropez
 Co-Created a new disposition for My Blend products in store
 Completed price comparisons with competing companies in duty-free

Language and IT skills:


French, native speaker
English, fluent
Spanish, upper intermediate (Certificate of the Colegio Delibes de
Salamanca, European level B2)
Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, Powerpoint, Word)


5 years in a choir, then alone. I made a duo with a friend at college.

Photography Five important projects in art class in high school, followed history of art
classes for 3 years

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