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11 to 28 July 2018, at the Domaine Départemental de Bayssan, Route de Vendres, 34500
Béziers, France.
Theme: “Water”


Together with Hérault Departmental Council, the VPM Association, Valorisation du Patrimoine Marbrier
(marble heritage promotion association), are organising the 1st International Symposium of Contemporary
Monumental Marble Sculpture, in Béziers.
The aim of this event is:
• To raise public awareness about sculpture (by working in front of an audience).
• To produce original and contemporary works of art that will become installations in the “Mediterranean
Garden” at the Domaine de Bayssan, a park planted with Mediterranean plant species.
• To enrich the cultural heritage of the town of Béziers and the Hérault Department.
• To promote the marble in our Department and its geological resources.

• The theme of the 1st edition of the symposium will be “Water”.
As a Department, Hérault is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, while the Canal du Midi crosses the town of
The theme of water should be addressed in its symbolic form. Water is the symbol of life, creation, purity,
renewal, depth, a mirror of the soul and of nature too. Water is a source of poetry, reverie and imagination. It is
also paradoxical, insomuch as it is both tender and violent, solid and liquid, protective and destructive. The lyrical
qualities of water have been a source of inspiration for all artists since the beginning of time, for literature, poetry,
music and sculpture!
Each artist must propose an ORIGINAL and CONTEMPORARY work of art on this theme.
• The symposium will take place from 11 to 28 July 2018, at the Domaine de Bayssan, in Béziers.
• The artists will produce their work in-situ and in front of the public, from 11 to 28 July 2018.
• The symposium will take place regardless of prevailing weather conditions.

• The sculptures will be carved directly from stone.
• The medium is marble from Saint Pons de Thomières, in a range of colours (red, purple, white with yellow
veins, pink, etc.). For more details on these marbles, see www.marbres-de-france.fr
• The size of the blocks will all be identical: 170/80/80 cm, prepared with 6 sides.
• The organisers will position the marble blocks according to prior instructions given by the sculptors.
• The sculptures will be produced from a single block and no handling will be possible during the symposium.

• 10 July 2018: reception and installation of sculptors.
• Work will start at 9 am on 11 July 2018 and the sculptures must be completed by 2pm on 28 July 2018, failing
which the organisers reserve the right not to release payment.
• Working hours: 9am to 8pm
• Friday 13 July: symposium inauguration, from 6pm.
• 4pm, Saturday 28 July 2018: closing ceremony and presentation of awards to sculptors for their participation. All
sculptors must attend.
• There will be 2 days rest and visits of the region will be organised during the symposium.
• The jury will shortlist 6 participants + 2 in reserve, based on their proposal, suitability with the theme,
explanations, sketches and their monumental marble sculpture experience.
• Selection will become definitive upon reception of a 1:10 scale model of the sculptors’ proposals.
• Application deadline: 23 March 2018.
• Shortlisted candidates will be informed by email on approximately 9 April 2018 and send their scale model to
confirm their selection by 20 April 2018.
• The list of selected candidates will be sent directly to the successful applicants by 24 April 2018, at the latest.
• The jury’s decision is final.
• The artists will work in covered, lit, external workshop areas, installed by the organisers at the Domaine Bayssan,
in Béziers.
• The organisers will provide the sculptors with a quick-release compressed air extension lead, power (with an
extension cable) and scaffolding, to the exclusion of any other equipment.
• Each sculptor must bring their own tools and maintain them.
• A list of material suppliers and leasing firms will be made available on request.
• A secure, lockable room, will be provided to store tools.
• Participants must have their own protective equipment for their activities (safety shoes, goggles, masks, etc.).
• The artists will work at their work stations under their own responsibility and ensure the safety of persons
accompanying them. Selected sculptors must provide proof of civil liability insurance and all documents clarifying
their social security cover. If sculptors are uninsured on the opening day of the symposium, they will be asked to
sign a waiver so that the responsibility of the organisers cannot be incurred.
• At the end of the symposium, each sculptor will receive a payment of 2,300 euros (two thousand three-hundred
euros) for their services. This will be paid by cheque or bank transfers only (bank account details will be required)
in return for an invoice for the same sum.
• Sculptors’ travel expenses from their place of residence will be reimbursed on production of original receipts
(tickets, fuel receipts, motorway toll slips, etc.) up to a maximum of 500 euros.
• No other payments may be claimed.

• The organisers will cover the cost of a single room and meals for sculptors from the evening of 10 July 2018 until
the morning of 29 July 2018.
Personal expenses (telephone, drinks outside meals, etc.) will be at the sculptors’ own expense.
Sculptors must specify any dietary requirements as soon as they are selected.
• If sculptors wish to bring someone to accompany them, this person must pay for their own accommodation,
meals, drinks and all other costs pertaining to their stay. Once accepted, sculptors must inform the organisers if they
wish to be accompanied (max. 1 person), so that accommodation options can be checked accordingly.

• Media coverage of the symposium will be in the form of media packs to the general and specialist written press
and TV networks. These will also be sent out to partner companies, the regional authorities and the art and culture
• Posters, flyers and invitations will be distributed to publicise the event to the general public.
• The entire event will be publicised on websites and social networks.

Sculptors will sign a contract for the transfer of copyright, which will retain only their moral rights.
• Private companies and/or public partner institutions and event sponsors may use and exploit images from the
works of art produced at the 2018 symposium, as a means of communication.
• Sculptors may not challenge the taking and publication of images, film or other media, both during and after the

Documents required:
1/To be sent to Marina Gajac, Symposium Artistic Director, by
Mail: c.comca@wanadoo.fr
• Curriculum Vitae.

23 March 2018

• Completed, signed and dated symposium terms and conditions and application form.

3 photos of recent monumental artwork, mentioning sizes and where they were produced,
including at least one monumental sculpture in marble.
• Design sketches, 4 photos of a 1:10 scale model of the planned installation on the theme of water
(front, side and rear and three-quarter views) and size of the final sculpture.
• The final title of the work of art, its meaning and symbolism.
• A sentence summarising the artist’s emotions and stating the suitability of the sculpture with the
proposed theme for 2018, water.
• A recent photo of the artist.

2- Shortlisted artists, will be asked to send a 1:10 scale model by 20 April 2018, to confirm their selection.
Models will be sent in secure packages to the following address: Marina Gajac/C.Comça. 3bis, Impasse Barnabé,
34000 Montpellier, France

• The application deadline is 23 March 2018.
The jury will reject any incomplete applications and decide on the final selection of candidates upon reception of all
requested documents and scale models.
The list featuring the 6 selected artists and 2 reserve candidates will be published by 24 April 2018, at the latest.

Terms and conditions for the 1st International Symposium of Contemporary Monumental Marble
Sculpture, 11 to 28 July 2018, at the Domaine Départemental de Bayssan
To be returned by 23 March 2018, completed, signed and dated, with the written mention “read and agreed”.
Place and date ......................................................

and signature (preceded by the mention “read and agreed”)

For all additional information, please write to the following email address: c.comca@wanadoo.fr, or call +33

(0)6 80 05 78 84


1st International Symposium of Contemporary Monumental Marble Sculpture, from 11 to 28
July 2018, at the Domaine Départemental de Bayssan (Hérault – France). Theme: “Water”
First name:
Company registration number:
or Chamber of Trades (place and no.):
or artistic association:
or others:

Social security number:

Post code .................................... Town/city:
Country: ................................................................. Nationality:
Tel.: ..................................................................... E-mail:
Website or blog:
I declare that I have read the terms and conditions of the 1st International Symposium of Contemporary Monumental
Marble Sculpture, at the Domaine de Bayssan, and agree to respect all stipulated requirements.

Done at .......................................................... Date


To be completed and returned with the signed terms and conditions by 23 March, to:

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