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March 2018
Dear Model Railroader,
Welcome to the March 2018 Atlas ASMC consumer edition of product Announcements and Arrivals.
All Atlas products are tooled prior to the announcement and offering of that product to the marketplace. In other words, Atlas researches
and decides on a project, makes a significant commitment in product development resources and tooling dollars, and only then offers it to
model railroaders.
Prior to the start of supplier production, Atlas announces to authorized dealers, distributors and e-subscribers that we are nearing final
production. This notification comes in the form of Atlas’ All Scales Monthly Catalog (ASMC) which focuses in on the current month’s planned
and specified announcements and allows consumers to place guaranteed pre-orders with their local hobby shop for those specific products
by a given date. If you need assistance finding a dealer near you, don’t forget our Hobby Store Locator! Check out the locator at You can also view and reserve products via Atlas’ online store
Here at Atlas, we have an unwavering dedication to prototypical authenticity. Unless otherwise noted, every paint scheme that appears on a
model we produce has been carefully researched and recreated to look exactly as it did on the prototype.
The ASMC is widely distributed and shared with thousands of dedicated Atlas consumer fans in accordance with their scale preference. This
distribution is accomplished through targeted electronic messaging as well as via handouts at shows throughout the year. You can ensure
that you receive the latest Atlas news and offers, in your preferred scale(s), delivered directly to your email inbox by visiting www.atlasrr.
com and signing up for our email newsletter – the Atlas Insider.
Our latest announcements and arriving products will make you feel like you’ve found the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! We’re
announcing brand new 53’ Spine Cars in N scale along with C420 Locomotives and 3500 Cubic Foot Dry Flo Hoppers in both N and HO.
We’re also featuring Paired Window Coaches in HO and 45’ Containers and 70 Ton Hoppers in O scale. You’ll find all of these wonderful
models and more inside, as well as arriving locomotives, rolling stock and track in all scales.

Joe Kolnoski
Vice President of Sales

To Order, Please Contact Your Authorized Atlas Dealer
Products bearing American Refrigerator Transit; Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C&EI); Chicago and North Western Railway Company (CNW); The Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Company (D&RGW); Katy; Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Company (MKT); Missouri Pacific (MP); Pacific Fruit Express (PFE);
Southern Pacific (SP); St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company (SSW); Cotton Belt; Texas & Pacific (T&P); Union Pacific (UP); Union Pacific Fruit Express (UPFE); Western Pacific (WP) marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.

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