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Sciences humaines, sociales et religieuses

Poetics of the Homeland :
in Mourid Barghouti’s Memoirs

Poetics of the Homeland: Palestine in Mourid
Barghouti’s Memoirs is an interesting investigation into
the theory and practice of Palestinian diaspora literature.
Lobna Ben Salem considers ways in which particular
postcolonial and multicultural literary texts – I Saw
Ramallah and I Was Born There, I Was Born Here – are
able to provide narratives of Palestine and to transcend
ambiguities over naming and reclaiming this national

Lobna Ben Salem

The book is distinctive in its concern for the specific
historical, material and cultural contexts that propel the
narrative production of the native homeland, and takes
into account both aesthetical and ethical possibilities that
either facilitate or hinder the appropriation of the native
Lobna Ben Salem is assistant professor of comparative
literature at the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities,
Manouba, Tunisia. She researches diaspora narratives that
attempt to grasp the complex fractures, contradictions,
and uncertainties that constitute history, memory, and
identity, and has published a number of articles in this

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