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Laurent B.

Close Protection
Risk management
Security Consultant


Social conflict (extraction group)
Convoy Escort Team
Emergency Management
First Aid Médic



Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel in High risk area
Close protection Officer Freelance
vips, royal Arabic family and their children.
Cannes Film Festival, Monaco GP, Fashion Week
Security driver for autority car and security car
Escort of founds, jewelllery
Security Consultant , Control and Risk Management
Operations Manager Security Company
Security Officer, Door Supervisor Night Clubs
Deputy Quarter French National Navy
Security Service Group

2018 : Risk Management
2016 : Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP)
Security Ship Officer (SSO)
Prevention of acts of Piracy and armed robbery training
Maritime Firearms Competency Certificate (MFCC)
Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
2015 : Training Modulates terrorism: the definitions, the actors, the targets,
the methods and tools of fight against terrorism (by Alain Bauer).
2014 : first aid (French degree PSC1)
2010 : Addiction Formation (Risk management of drug and alcohol persons)
1992 : National Defense Medal
1991 : Patent of Helsman (National Navy)
1991 : Patent for crew (National Navy)
1989 : Certificate of college

Fluent English, knowledge of Spanish
Good Knowledge of Word, Excel, Web
Practice of Karaté, Subdiving, Ski, Sport Shooting
French driver license and boat license
Professional French CPO card and PCASP card from CNAPS

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