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The Positive Planet Foundation is happy to invite you to its Annual Gala dinner to be held on May
14, during the Cannes International Film Festival. Thanks to your support and generosity during
the last edition of the Positive Gala Dinner, we were able to strengthen our impact in West and
North Africa, the Middle East and in French priority neighborhoods.
Ever since 1998, Positive Planet has led over 500 initiatives in 35 different countries, trained 1.5
million beneficiaries, and supported 9.5 million children and institutions. Nearly 11 million
people have benefited from our support since the beginning of Positive Planet.
We are proud of these numbers, which illustrate how essential our common approach and its
positive outcome are. By helping the most vulnerable, the world is becoming more peaceful,
free, and sustainable for us and for future generations.
We are lucky to benefit from the support of committed celebrities such as Robert de Niro, Carole
Bouquet, Naomi Campbell, Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle Béart, Keziah Jones, Rita Ora, Gérard
Depardieu, and many more.
This year is special, as Positive Planet will celebrate its 20-year anniversary; on this occasion,
we have decided to celebrate women in cinema. International figures from the film industry, the
fashion, business, and non-profit world will be attending and committed to our cause.
We will have the honor of rewarding Juliette Binoche for her entire life’s work and commitment.
An extraordinary auction, orchestrated by Simon de Pury, will be featuring contemporary art
pieces along with unique experiences. All proceeds from the evening will be donated to Positive
Planet’s programs for women empowerment in Sub-Saharan Africa, Israel and Lebanon. The
Positive Planet Foundation has indeed been committed to this issue since its creation.
Thanks to your engagement and generosity, for which we are eternally grateful, we have been
able to strengthen our impact on the ground in over 35 countries during the last editions of the
Positive Gala Dinner.
11 million beneficiaries is a lot, and yet still so little considering the extent of the needs to be
met. We need to go further, which can only be done with your trust and support.
Together, let’s make the Positive Cinema Week an illustration of international solidarity with the
most vulnerable populations. Let’s continue to work so that most people don’t have to rely on
charity to guarantee their children’s and their own future with dignity.
Registration for the 2018 Positive Gala Dinner is now open.
Reservation for one seating: 2,000€
Reservation for full table: 15,000€
We are genuinely counting on your presence. Each and every one of us can change the world,
let’s change it together. They need us, we need you.
If you are unable to join us in Cannes this year, but still wish to support vulnerable women in
Africa and Israel you can make a donation.


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