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Nuclear Pharmacy Services

An essential element of
PET imaging excellence
Nationwide PET manufacturing
and dispensing network

30+ 80+ 20+


F dispensing



Ga dispensing

Deliver more than

500K PET

patient doses a year
with a proven on-time
delivery rate of 99%


43 PET

clinical trials
for eight radiopharmaceuticals
over the past five years
Expansive PET portfolio containing


with access to eight+ different
PET radiopharmaceuticals
The only national source for



Supporting your PET business where
it’s essential.
Leverage unparalleled service and PET biomarker access to help you achieve high quality
patient care—enhancing your reputation and business.
Broadest portfolio of products
delivered with industryleading reliability
• The only national source for PET
and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals
• Exclusive, US distributor of the Galli Eo™
Ge/68Ga generator
• Proprietary pharmacy operating software
provides track-and-trace, route optimization
and proof of delivery capabilities, helping
us achieve 99 percent on-time delivery
• 24/7 access to a highly trained nuclear
pharmacist, each with an average of more
than 12 years of industry experience

PET expertise and reliability
you depend on

Critical resources to support
your business

• Multiple manufacturing runs provide
convenience and flexibility to add,
change or cancel doses—providing
PET on your time line, not ours

• Unique services and resources
to help your business thrive:
-- Reimbursement support
-- Health Physics Services
-- Continuing Education

• Dedicated team of in-house engineers
with extensive cyclotron production
and maintenance experience help
ensure your reliable access to the
critical doses your patients need
• PET Quality and Regulatory team
ensures PET biomarkers have the high
levels of consistency, quality and purity
required by the FDA

PET manufacturing and distribution network

• Actionable patient management
tools from proven best demonstrated
practices to help increase patient
satisfaction and reduce no-shows

What our customers are saying—

“As a mobile PET provider in
Michigan, Cardinal Health
has helped us grow since
2005. Their reliability and our
experience as their customer
has been fantastic.”
-Brian Madison, The HCS Group

NPS locations
PET Dispensing Pharmacy

For more information, visit
© 2017 Cardinal Health. All Rights Reserved. CARDINAL HEALTH, the Cardinal Health LOGO and ESSENTIAL
TO CARE are trademarks of Cardinal Health and may be registered in the US and/or in other countries. All
other marks are the property of their respective owners. Lit. No. 1NPS17-717107 (10/2017)

“We are very pleased with our
relationship [with] Cardinal
Health. They provide excellent
and open communication
with our department and
timely responses to our
- Jennifer Monn, Ironwood Cancer
Research Center

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