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Hello, my name is Rocio Vargas, Camp Director. The idea for this unique camp came
about from my love for children and from my unwillingness to stop working with them
after retiring from almost thirty years as a Montessori guide.
We are offering a wonderful opportunity for local and for children from around the world
to connect, enjoy, and explore nature.
This once in a lifetime experience for your child is accesible only by water and located on
100 private hectares of jungle that slopes to an idyllic, calm ocean cove. They will sleep
under the stars in a comfortable, safe place full of the enchanting magic of the untamed.
DATES: The camp starts on Sunday, March 25, 2018 through Saturday, March 31.
ACTIVITIES: Lots of creative activities, organized field trips through the forest,
drumming, swim in a still clear bay, building with drift beach wood, stargazing,
storytelling, organic food meals and more.
PRICE: $300.00 for a whole week of fun. $200 for half a week, it can be from Sunday
to Wednesday or from Wednesday to Saturday. The campers who come for half time
and decide to stay for the whole camp will be charged for the two halves. Please
make the deposit to Rocio Vargas, the account number 200-02-090-002195-5
TRANSPORT The campers need to be at the dock in Tambor at 11:00 on
Sunday March 25.
To get to Tambor dock. When you come from Cobano, go down the hill when
you first see the bay, before the town of Tambor, take the little dirt road, hard right
at the bottom of the hill...where people come to buy fish...where the fishermen
live...that is the dock where the parents can bring the’s a boat ride
straight across the bay. Every child will be provided with a life vest
TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD. Saturday, March 31, 2:00 p.m. Parents or the
authorized person need to be at Tambor dock. We ask parents to please be prompt
picking up your child.
The camp offers exploration and adventure, creative activities, organic food for all three
meals and snacks, transportation to and from camp and fun, fun fun.
The camp is limited to 20 spaces,

Children must be between the ages of 7 and 12
Please notify the director immediately of any allergy, dietary, or medical concerns your
child may have to determine if this can be a safe experience for your child.
This is a NATURE CAMP; the children are prohibited from bringing cell
phones, tablets, or any other electronic gaming devices.

Where is this campsite located? The camp is located in Tambor Bay, in the Nicoya
Gulf, in the Pacific Cost. Here is a little map to help you locate us.

Q. Who is part of the camp staff?
A. Staff consists of individuals over the age of 18. A number of members have basic
first aid training or are trained in CPR. Each individual brings unique expertise to
the camp for a certain talent, gift or area of knowledge (i.e. sculpting, music, biology,
martial arts, astronomy, baking.
Q. My child cannot swim; can they still participate in the camp?
A. Yes, our staff members can assist any child who may not know how to swim.

Every child will be provided with a life vest.
Q. What do I need to bring to camp?
A. Children need to bring: a sleeping bag, a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of
sandals, bathing suits, a hat, a canteen style bottle for water, a pillow, at least two
towels, 2 linens, light change of clothes for the week, pajamas, insect repellent,
sunscreen, a tooth brush and any other toiletries (soap, shampoo).
Q. Will I be able to keep in touch with my child?
A. Parents will be able to keep in touch with their child by cell phone calls to camp
director or assistant: 8437-8872 Rocio, or 8779-5322 Karol if needed. Due to the
secluded nature of the camp, parents will not be able to visit their child in person
during the week.
Q. What happens in the event of dangerous weather/medical emergency?
A. The camp director will immediately contact parents in case of any emergency
after children are first moved to safety.
Q. My child requires daily medication administration, is this ok?
A. Please contact the director prior to registration to discuss any medical conditions,
dietary restrictions or allergies that may be preventative for your child’s
participation in a rural, jungle setting.
Q. Is there electricity/running water at the campsite?
A. There is electricity, restrooms and running water at the campsite.
Q. Where will my child eat? And where will his food be cooked?
A. The camp provides a well-equipped communal kitchen where groups of kids eat
Q. Where will my child sleep?
A. Separate sleeping areas are available for girls and boys. Children will sleep
comfortably, two per tee pee style tent, under the stars. Staff is lodged nearby in
separate tents.
Q. How do I contact the camp/director?
A. #8437-8872 or

To keep in touch, photos of activities at the campsite will be posted every day in our
Facebook page and in our Instagram page.

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