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A. the property is exclusive to the State. the State belongs to
the Elite. the Elite has no superior.

B. the Elite is the body that sets the laws, managing all the
organisations, the institutions and writings on a global scale.

C. the Elite owns the supreme protection. it is the protection and
the application of it’s own defence.












divisions, as well as by civil security in general. they protect
the Elite, third parties, and seek development. State Protection
also includes the Labor Party.
E. the Labor Party organises and plans everything that is workrelated. the Labor Party is formed by executives.
F. State validity is formed by the main division of state work,
composed by the mental & physical sections.
G. State temporary disability is formed by the secondary division
of state labor. these people have very precise functions. their
tasks differ according to their situation.
H. any third party working tirelessly for the state can obtain an
honorary title by the Elite, including protection.
I. definitive state invalidity is formed of the physically and
mentally handicapped and the prisoners sentenced to life.
J. everybody is owned by the state.
K. all ranks, or categories, have a colour and a symbol.

1. relationship, thought, communication and procreation

1.1 it is forbidden to get closer to someone of the opposite sex,
whether it’s morally or physically.
1.2 it is forbidden to form a group or to hold meetings.
1.3 it is forbidden to isolate oneself in one’s own thought.
1.4 it is compulsory to collaborate.
1.5 it is forbidden to express any spiritual thoughts.
1.6 it is forbidden to communicate in any other language than
English, Japanese and Korean.
1.7 the communication is at its superior, without skipping the
1.8 it is forbidden to procreate. reproduction is regulated by the
1.9 the newborn is directly given to the State in order to be
1.10 no living being is free until they know the fundamentals.

2. the system: the Elite and the hierarchy

2.1 it is forbidden to act against the system.
2.2 it is forbidden to think negatively of the system.
2.3 it is forbidden to organise or even imagine a change in the
2.4 the hierarchy of the Elite is entirely organised by itself.
the change is, except for extreme situation, impossible.
2.5 it is forbidden to physically, verbally or morally attack the
State Protection.
2.6 it is forbidden to physically, verbally or morally attack the
2.7 any third party decreasing in the hierarchy, whatever the
reason, can’t return to its original place.
2.8 it is impossible for someone of permanent invalidity to return
to the State's active life.

3. the chip

3.1 it is forbidden to discard the chip or modify it. The elements
that are in it must imperatively be intact.
3.2 it is forbidden to discard one’s identification code or to
modify it. this one being the only mean of identification.
3.3 it is forbidden to cross the area of freedom corresponding
one’s category.
3.4 it is forbidden to attend to a place non favourable to its
3.5 it is forbidden to attend to find accommodation in a place non
favourable to its category.
3.6 it is compulsory to have an autorisation in order to welcome
someone of its category at its place.
3.7 it is forbidden to exceed the authorised step limit.












corresponding dress code requires.
3.9 it is forbidden to exceed the regulated speech limit.

4. behaviour

4.1 it is forbidden to physically or verbally assault someone.
each affair will lead to consequences for both sides.
4.2 it is compulsory to take part of the general well being.
4.3 it is compulsory to take part in self-criticism sessions.
4.4 it is compulsory to denounce every suspicious behaviour.
4.5 it is compulsory to give its best during work.
4.6 it is compulsory to respect the work quotas.

if one of these laws has been violated, the fine, the arrest and /
or the supreme sentence will be applied.

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