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Marie Perbey


Product and Graphic Design

Open Space

The open space could be/might be responsible
for a crisis of privacy, a factor that reduces
productivity. My project has for goal to
introduce structures designed as micro
architectures in an office built as a landscape,
maintaining a link between the community and
respecting each individual.

The desk is designed in a triangle shape,
which allows the subject to be focused on
his work, diving slowly but fully into his
task. The desk/work table is topped with a
protective sphere/bubble to facilitate the
immersion into the work, as well as focus
on the task. The ventilated and transparent
structure is slighly inclined to encourage
you to dive into the work without isolating

High table
This project is a high table, where the
discussion will happen while standing up, in
the idea of a dynamic break. The Standing up
positioion is proven to allow more relevant
and consistant exchanges/discussions,
making the speech more spontaneous. This
lightweight structure can welcome from 2 to
4 individuals.
This semi intimacy, for a reduced team,
naturally incites to whisper, therefore the
structure does not require a strong sound

Phone cabin
To isolate oneself, a single cabin in the
workspace allows the employee to
make a phone call
without disturbing his colleagues.
Standing up, he remains in a dynamic
position even if the sphere that
surrounds him seems to temporarily cut
him off from the world.

This screen allows you to discuss in
complete privacy. It is useful for interviews
between two people. These wings float
above our heads, we feel reassured and
confident. It delimits the space in a less
radical way than walls or partitions.

The ideal work rhythm is said to consist
of a 52-minutes work sequence followed
by a 17-minutes break. This chair allows
you to breathe, escape muscular tensions
and simply relax. Laying down, protected
from the noise, you look up, dissipating
the stress.

This project come from the idea of designing the
space of a hotel lobby. The concept was to create
a comfy space. I chose to work on the padding by
creating a composition of cushions assembled/sewn
together. From this inspiration, a sofa was created
but the main goal was bigger as the expectations
in terms of furniture pieces are different in a lobby
than in one’s personal interior.
I therefore chose to create niches (individual niches
or several). One for the standing position, in order to
isolate oneself for a moment , for quick exchanges
or for a phone call, and another more similar to
a cocoon where one could stay longer, in a more
private space. The cushions that fill the structure
allow an infinity of variations.

Visual identity
The project attempts to set up a path
between visual and imaginary sensations
through an aesthetic research around white
monochrome surfaces.
The aim of this process is to question the
meaning of shapes and materials in order to
create desire and provoke experience.
The project revolves around a photographic
work that leads to a physical application in a
relief and surface work.

Moving Tone
This project is the result of a collaborative
workshop with Chinese and Slovak schools, as
well as
Focal and Peugeot companies. The objective
was to create an autonomous concept-car
dedicated to music and comfort.
The external shape of the car has been thought
such as as a bubble where one would immerse
himself , in a space designed specifically for
a better propagation of the music. The inner
shell is covered with foam soundproofing
the passenger compartment. The interior is
covered with textile made from coffee grounds,
extremely flexible, strong and waterproof.
Textiles cover the speakers like a skin. As a
performance, when music begins, the speakers
come out from the shell pushing the fabric,
stretching and deforming it.

Para-lamp is a lighting fixture, made of fabric
ornamented with ribs and supported by a metal
structure. This object is not as simple as it looks
because it is sensitive and clever at the same time.
Just like the way we open an umbrella, this lamp
allows you to vary the density of the light. The Lycra,
initially composed of tight meshes, let the light
appear as it stretches. The fixed stem is another
variable that proposes three variables levels by the
use of a push button. As in
an umbrella, by pushing up, the ribs push
themselves out and tighten the stitches(mesh?) . In
return, when the stem is at its lowest point, the ribs
bend. and let appear a more intense light. The
The lamp becomes a living object: it breathes,
stretches and expands, spreading light according to
the needs of the user.

Eho is a standing lamp consisting of two
identical shapes.
The imbalance caused by the eccentric
construction of the luminaire is an illusion.
The foot is a polygon made of marble.
Very heavy and very thick, it keeps the big
lampshade upright, which isa light and thin
polygon made of paper. By this composition,
a contrast between materials is created.
The lamp misaligns and adapts to spaces
and uses. The user only needs to rotate the
spindle to modify the axis.
Connected, it makes it possible to adapt the
lighting according to the every need, for
example for soft light for reading, standby
when the television is on, brighter light when
the user is working, etc.

There is a strong relationship between the
Man and the chair but this object has put us
to sleep and to be seated must be considered
as a mere respite. The Modern man seems to
have forgotten this notion of a simple «pause»
and made it a way of life. A sitting position
maintained for too long leads to back problems.
We speak of ache of the century?
My goal was therefore to find alternatives to
the seating position by restoring dynamism
to the body.The installation will take place in
a collective space office, where the sitting
position seems long and harmful. This
installation allows the individual to switch
between different postures. The body while
therefore be in constant motion to avoid
permanent sitting position. Settling down,
to adopting ephemeral postures, would then
be the good compromise from sitting and
standing.A metal version has been designed for
the public space. To differ from the benches,
why won’t we just limit ourselves to simple
«pauses» before continuing our journey?

Digital Craftsman
The project brings together a shoemaker and
a digital technique (laser cutting machine).
The goal is to create a custom-made shoe
that could be ordered online or by visiting
the craftsman’s shop. Patterns are digitally
processed and cut directly by the laser
cutting machine. The shoes are totally
customizable: you can choose anything you
want (patterns, engravings, looks, colors...).
The craftsman, while retaining his skills, will
have a 3D scanner enable to work in width,
length, height, contour and a laser cutter.
This allows him, without losing the job, to
create the custom-made shoe by hand, with
the help of a vectorization software for the




Other projects



Kitchen furniture

Women's sports bag

Reading lamp

Work at home

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