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cover feature: the art of making
a catamaran fly


America’s Cup
defender Alinghi
wings its way across
Switzerland to the
French Riviera to
start the defence of
the Auld Mug.

In an impressive collaboration, the marine and aviation industries
recently shared expertise and technology to enable a giant
Russian Mil Mi26T helicopter to transport the Alinghi Team’s
huge new catamaran 300 kilometers over the Swiss Alps.

CV22 – the tilt rotor makes
its mark

Photo by
Helico Montagne


This new technology in the form of the CV-22 is breaking new
ground with the USAF and they’re serious about exploiting its
unique characteristics. The CV-22 is an impressive aircraft
when employed in the right mission. The USAF has just such
a mission – Special Ops.


leader of the pack

The bright red MD500D bucked like a wild horse above the
frozen landscape of Canada’s Central Ontario, as the turbine
engine screamed into my ears and the ice-cold wind blew


through the open cockpit. All the doors had been removed,
despite the morning’s temperature being a bitter -20°C, and
the wind and air-speed combined to produce a wind-chill factor
that made the flight a test of physical endurance.

CSAR-X – where to from here?

A new combat search and rescue fleet and the next generation
of presidential helicopter are cut in the proposed US federal
budget, which also includes $US500 million for more helicopter
training. Jeffrey Decker examines the plans signaled by the

regular features

new US Administration.


From the Editor


Industry update


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The opening shot



most of us would still be reading about it. If we accept that
helicopter power-line patrols are probably the most dangerous of
the typical electric utility missions, it makes no sense to think we
can enter this environment without comprehensive flight training.

Inside EMS – Man Vs Machine 21

law & order – US Offshore Operators
Now have More Questions to Ask
eye on africa – The World is

When we first learned to fly some of our effort was spent in the
classroom and study, but without those hours at the controls,

flight training – Technology
in Training

staying alive

Mark Kovaletz, an ATP-CFI with over 42 years and 16000+


hours of experience, explains his approach to training to stay alive.

fires know no master

A calm summer suddenly turned hot in British Columbia,
with scores of wildfires causing record evacuations. Jeffrey


personal profile – Richard Mills 80

Decker reports that once again the helicopter played a
crucial role in saving lives on the ground, and one pilot made
the ultimate sacrifice.